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Gloved nurse using a butterfly setup and vein finder to “highlight” blood vessels on a patient’s arm and insert a hypodermic needle for an intravenous infusion.

Poverty, abuse, divorce and more can influence multiple sclerosis attacks

Life stressors including poverty, abuse and divorce can influence multiple sclerosis attacks and flare-ups – leading to worse health outcomes.
Afro-american boy behind metal fence, criminal in prison, dreaming about freedom

COVID-19 experience for children in custodial settings

Dr Charlotte Lennox from the University of Manchester reports on the main findings of her research and argues that children in custodial settings were an invisible group during the COVID-19 pandemic, in this second of a two-part series.
girl with a prosthetic leg

Treating children with blast injuries with prosthetic innovations

Imperial College London opens its first-ever centre designing prosthetic innovations for child blast injuries occurring in conflict zones.
Cute asian child girl holding jelly candies in hand and sharing to other

13 ways to tackle sugar addiction: Everything to know about having a sweet tooth

What is a sweet tooth? What causes it? Why does it matter? What can we do about it? Here Dr Deborah Lee, Dr Fox Online Pharmacy, explores everything there is to know about having a 'sweet tooth' and 13 ways to tackle it.
child being vaccinated against virus

Government urges parents to check for measles vaccine as cases spike in children

The UK government has urged parents to check their children's measles vaccine records due to an increase in virus cases.
Young child reading braille

“No child should be going blind from ROP”: AI as a solution to childhood...

A revolutionary AI tool can predict retinopathy of prematurity (ROP), paving the way for the prevention of childhood blindness.
view of girl in hospital

Lower opportunity areas have more child victims of firearm injuries in the U.S

Neighbourhoods in the U.S with limited social, health and educational opportunities, have higher rates of youth firearm injuries.
Unrecognizable supermarket aisle as background, an array of food - intimidating for those with eating disorders

Everything to know about Pica, a lesser known eating disorder

Pica is an eating disorder where the sufferer craves to eat non-food substances such as soil, ice or clay. But who can be affected, what are the causes, and what else is there to know?
Blurry reflection shadow silhouette in a puddle of siblings and a parent walking wet city street

Hostile parenting and discipline increase a child’s risk of mental illness

Hostile parenting and harsh discipline on young children significantly increase a child’s risk of developing lasting mental health problems.
child playing on playstation at home

Understanding the increasing rates of child mental health issues

Professor John Sharry, Psychotherapist, Clinical Advisor for SilverCloud® by Amwell® and Adjunct Professor, Dept. of Psychology University College Dublin, walks us through some child mental health issues.
Doctor putting adhesive bandage to a child after Covid-19 vaccine injection.

Parent decision-making in vaccinating children against COVID-19

Study examines the scientific evidence, political and social pressures parents face when vaccinating children.

How can we do better for children’s spectacles?

When it comes to children’s spectacles, we ‘must do better’, Dr Alicia Thompson from the Association of British Dispensing Opticians argues.
Measure tape close up view on white background fit concept overweight or obesity

Is the UK Government’s childhood obesity programme working?

How has the UK Government’s National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP), designed to tackle childhood obesity, impacted child and parent mental health? 
Pregnant woman holding her belly

Average age of conception throughout human history

Determining the average age of conception throughout human history to discover more about humans, then and in the future.
mri of a human brain

Drug combination for children with MYC amplified Medulloblastoma

Researchers discover drug combination that could offer a better prognosis for children diagnosed with MYC amplified Medulloblastoma, an often deadly form of brain cancer.
Placental cells, placenta accreta

Predicting placenta accreta through blood panels

Researchers have identified circulating microparticle proteins with the ability to predict placenta accrete spectrum cases before their delivery, allowing improved mortality and morbidity for mothers.
Breastfeeding. mother feeding baby breast in bed dark night

Pregnancy, breastfeeding and hormones

Here, Dr Fiona MacRae, Women’s Health & Hormone Specialist at The Marion Gluck Clinic, provides an expert view on pregnancy, breastfeeding and hormones.
Open book, hardback books on wooden table. Education background

Does a pedagogical approach impact an education setting?

Rageena Tahir, Head of EYFS at Fennies Nurseries, ponders if a pedagogical approach impacts an education setting for a child.
Young school girl vaping in wooded area

School children favour vaping over smoking or taking drugs

Fewer school children are smoking or doing drugs, but vaping use among 11 to 15-year-olds is increasing, a study from NHS Digital finds.
world health organisation worker in Africa during covid-19

The global picture of Tuberculosis: A view from WHO

Experts Dr Michel Gasana & Dr Frank Lule from World Health Organization – Regional Office for Africa, provide an update on the global picture of Tuberculosis.

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