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transgender stigma healthcare, transgender and nonbinary

Transgender youth experience “pervasive stigma” in healthcare

In a review of 91 studies across 17 countries, transgender and nonbinary youth were found to deal with "pervasive stigma and discrimination" in healthcare.
gaming maladaptive, smartphone gaming

Scientists say gaming can create “maladaptive” coping mechanism

A new study found that people who experience intense boredom and turn to smartphone gaming may be creating "maladaptive" coping mechanisms, which worsen their real-world problems.

Malnutrition linked to higher risk of death from COVID-19

COVID-19 patients with a history of malnutrition have an increased need for mechanical ventilation and risk of death, according to new research.
living near woodlands

Living near woodlands improves young people’s mental health

Living near woodlands has been found to improve cognitive development and lower the risk of emotional and behavioural problems in young people.
vulnerable children, vaccine

UK Government to only vaccinate vulnerable children

Vaccines Minister Nadhim Zahawi said that children who were vulnerable, living with clinically vulnerable family or almost 18 would be given the COVID vaccine.
flu jab

Flu jab will be freely available to more than 35 million people this winter

Health and Social Care Secretary Sajid Javid has announced that over 35 million people will have access to a free flu vaccine this winter.
pandemic antibiotic resistance, antibiotics

New pandemic of antibiotic resistance makes pneumonia deadly

In Bangladesh, children are fighting a difficult battle to survive antibiotic resistance - now, mid-pandemic, pneumonia is becoming untreatable via normal drugs.
LGBTQ nonbinary, trans

Study finds one in four LGBTQ youth identify as nonbinary

According to data from The Trevor Project, one in four LGBTQ youth in the US identify as non-binary - with the majority reporting that they use they/them pronouns.
eating disorder hospitalisations, pandemic

Study finds eating disorder hospitalisations increased during pandemic

According to researchers in Michigan, eating disorder hospitalisations among adolescents increased during the COVID pandemic - as "their entire worlds were turned upside down overnight".
adverse childhood experience, child trauma

Adverse Childhood Experiences project given £3.8 million funding

The Adverse Childhood Experiences project, led by Professor Kam Bhui and Professor Eunice Ma, aims to create interventions for children who suffer from life-shaping trauma.
childbirth care

Government invests £2.45 million to improve childbirth care

Maternity safety minister Nadine Dorries has announced £2.45 million in funding for the NHS to improve the safety of women and babies during childbirth.
sexual health of teens, pregnancy

HIPTeens: Improving the sexual health of teens

For The Health Improvement Project for Teens (HIPTeens), our purpose is simple: Helping teens, including those with intellectual/developmental disabilities, reach their potential through robust research and practical application reducing sexual risk and building resilience.
foetal development stage

How do environmental factors affect foetal development?

Associate Professor Ken Tachibana, discloses how prenatal ambient fine particle exposure disrupts DNA methylation and subsequent gene expression in the foetal development stage.
children emotional skills, childhood abuse

Research finds abused parents do not teach children emotional skills

A study by the University of Georgia finds that parents who experience childhood mistreatment can fail to teach their children emotional skills.
12-17 year olds, moderna

Moderna say COVID vaccine 100% effective in 12-17 year olds

The Moderna vaccine has been found to be 100% effective against COVID-19 in 12-17 year olds, according to new data from the TeenCOVE study.
children mathematics, maths

Researchers reveal exercises to help children with mathematics

The research team at Karolinska Institutet found that visual working memory and reasoning tasks helped children with mathematics skills.
research into epilepsy, child

Shaping the future of research into epilepsy

There are 21 epilepsy-related deaths every week in the UK - here, Maxine Smeaton, Chief Executive of Epilepsy Research UK discusses what the future holds for essential epilepsy treatment research.
treatment for epilepsy, neuron

Scientists explore new potential treatment for epilepsy

Scientists at the University of Nottingham are exploring the potential of new treatment for epilepsy, as they reveal that neuron connections in the brain can be a good indicator of disease progression.
gender inclusive institutions, labour force

Why do we need gender inclusive institutions?

Assistant Professor Rachel Brulé, Global Development Policy at Boston University, says that COVID exposed existing inequalities and explains why gender inclusive institutions can help.
brain development, child health

Scientists say childhood disadvantage impacts brain development

The team examined a mix of factors such as pollution, crime, access to education and healthcare - they found that in over 7,000 children, these factors directly impacted brain development.

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