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adolescent mental health, technology use

Technology use only explains 0.4% of adolescent mental health

Researchers at the University of Oxford have performed the most definitive study to date on the relationship between technology use and adolescent mental health, examining data from over 300,000 teenagers and parents in the UK and USA.
science of romantic relationships, valentine's day science

Research exposes the science of romantic relationships

Reflecting on Valentine's day, at Open Access Government we push aside the petrol-station flowers and questioning of love lives to discuss recent developments by researchers on the science of romantic relationships.
mental health research, transforming mental health

The time is now for mental health research

Research Director at MQ: Transforming Mental Health, Dr Sophie Dix argues that now is the time is now for mental health research.
biggest challenge in farming, mind your head 2019

Is depression the biggest challenge in farming?

Living well is the key to farming well- depression is emerging as one of the biggest yet unspoken challenges in farming in the modern day.
funding for trauma, public safety personnel

Canadian government announces $11 million funding for Trauma

From firefighters and police officers to paramedics and correctional workers: all public safety personnel will benefit from Post-Traumatic Stress Injury research.
children's screen time

The changing landscape of children’s screen time

Ahead of England’s Health Secretary meeting the bosses at Instagram over the handling of self-harm and suicide content, a new report into children’s screen time use has been released today.
prioritise mental health

Employers need to prioritise mental health in the workplace

John Williams, Instant Offices, encourages employers to support their teams to speak about and prioritise mental health and promote a healthy work-life balance.
a mentally healthy school, child mental health

The key components of a mentally healthy school

We have health and safety policies for children’s bodies in our schools – so why don’t we have health and safety policies for children’s minds and brains too?
mental health crisis, mental health budget

Mental health crisis: taking care of carers

The NHS in England’s mental health budget for 2017/2018 was almost £12 billion – roughly 10% of the Department of Health budget- and the mental health crisis in the UK affects individuals of every age and gender.
be trauma informed, child trauma symptoms,

Child diagnosis: the need to be trauma informed

Whilst autism spectrum disorder has neurological evidence, it is often misdiagnosed in children with Traumatic experiences: read on to be trauma informed.
mental health trials

Mental health trials launch in UK schools

Up to 370 schools across the UK will join one of the largest mental health trials to boost evidence about what works to support mental health and wellbeing.
government support for LGBT, LGBT history month

LGBT History Month: UK government support for LGBT groups

Twelve organisations working to improve the lives of LGBT people in the UK have been awarded government funding: new research published shows how public attitudes to same sex relationships have changed in 30 years.
northern ireland abortion rights, landmark legal case abortion

Sarah Ewart: landmark legal case for Northern Ireland abortion rights

This week, the Belfast High Court will hear a case that could find Northern Ireland’s abortion law in breach of the UK’s human rights commitments.
four day working week, four day week

The feasibility of the four day working week

The idea of a four day working week has been a large talking point for months, following high profile studies and trials from companies around the world expressing the benefits for employee wellbeing and improved work/life balance.
mental capacity law reform, strengthen's peoples human rights

Mental capacity law reform: threatens human rights

The UK government must resolve confusing and troubling aspects of its mental capacity law reform if it wants to strengthen people’s human rights.
suicide prevention, cross-government

First ever cross-government suicide prevention plan published

The cross-government plan for suicide prevention has a focus on how social media and the latest technology can identify those most at risk.
workspaces happier

The case for businesses to make their workspaces happier

A new study warns that workers do not feel valued or fulfilled in their offices and presents the case for businesses to make their workspaces happier.
anxiety among millennials

Anxiety among millennials is on the rise

Anxiety and often depression experienced by young adults lies in uncertainty. Fresh Student Living looked at what is to blame for anxiety among millennials.
high street botox, mental health

NHS suggests stronger mental health safeguards on high street botox

Superdrug will introduce new mental health checks for customers who want to undergo cosmetic procedures, like high street botox.
career blues

Eight ways to crush the career blues in 2019

As Blue Monday hits, Instant Offices have provided top tips on how UK workers can crush the career blues and boost their work-life balance.

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