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misogyny women's sport, misogynistic attitudes

Misogyny towards women’s sports common amongst male fans

Research analysing online message boards finds male football fans are commonly misogynistic, hostile, and sexist towards women’s sports.
childhood vocabulary, emotional regulation

Childhood vocabulary can predict future emotional regulation

A team find that expressive vocabulary at the age of 5-7 can predict likelihood of good emotional regulation, four years later.
emergency care wait times, risks of death

Higher risk of death at emergency centres with 5+ hour wait times

Research finds that waiting over 5 hours in emergency care before admission to hospital is linked to a heightened risk of death from any cause.
covid-19 adhd, youth with ADHD

How has COVID-19 posed challenges for kids with ADHD?

Youth with ADHD have been found to have a greater risk of experiencing COVID-19 symptoms and disruptions, including sleep problems, fear and anxiety related to infection risk.
identifying eating disorders

New guide to help identify eating disorders in the emergency room

With between 1.25 and 3.4 million people in the UK suffering with eating disorders, how are they still slipping through the gaps of modern healthcare?
least stressful city, most stressful city

Research shows Helsinki is least stressful city in the world

According to data on light pollution, LGBT safety and living costs, Helsinki is the least stressful city in the world - with 0% of the population living in poverty.
digitally altered bodies

MP proposes labelling for digitally altered bodies in advertising

A new bill pushes for regulation of digitally altered bodies in advertising - going up against constantly evolving online platforms, eating disorders and negative body image.
benefits of dancing, dance therapy

What are the benefits of dancing?

Dr Deborah Lee, Dr Fox Online Pharmacy, discusses the benefits of dancing on your general health.
transgender mental health, hormone treatment

Transgender mental health: What age is best to begin hormone treatment?

A new study finds that transgender people who begin hormone treatment in adolescence have better mental health, than those waiting until adulthood.
ultrasounds psychiatric conditions, transcranial ultrasound stimulation

Could we treat psychiatric disorders with ultrasounds?

Research has found that low-intensity transcranial ultrasound stimulation can modulate brain activity and behaviours, supporting the observations of psychiatric conditions.
mental health heart disease, mental health drugs

Increased use of mental health drugs in patients with heart disease

According to a new study, nearly one in five patients with heart disease use mental health drugs, leading to almost a doubled risk of premature deaths with the condition.
isolation and loneliness

Smoking can cause social isolation and loneliness

A study suggests that smokers are more likely to become socially isolated and lonely as they age, compared to non-smokers.
fantasy football players, mental health

Consistent fantasy football players at risk of poor mental health

According to a new study, a quarter of Fantasy Football players have admitted that the game negatively impacts their mental health.
dark genome, mental disorders

‘Dark genome’ research suggests better treatment for mental disorders

Researching DNA outside of our genes, analysing the ‘dark genome’, scientists have found evolved proteins which can distinguish between schizophrenia and bipolar disorders, improving diagnosis and treatment.
internet governance online

UN says measures to improve cyberspace safety needed now

With 782 million people joining the internet since 2019, what is being done to protect people when they are online?
identity depression

Scientists to identify depression and antidepressant efficiency via blood tests

Researchers at the University of Chicago are believed to be one step closer in the development of blood tests to identify depression.
behaviour and focus

How meditation can alter behaviour and focus

The largest new study of its kind finds that meditation could assist people to become less prone to making mistakes.
American Disability Act

70% of physicians unaware of how to treat someone with a disability

Researchers from Mass General have found that physicians are lacking basic understanding on how to care and treat people with disabilities.
Open Access Government January 2022

Open Access Government January 2022

We welcome 2022 with our January volume - this publication includes health & social care, then research & innovation followed by digital transformation, equality, economic development, transport, environment, energy and agriculture and more.
Conscious cognitive operations

Scientists discover new theory for conscious cognitive operations

The concept of consciousness is related to complex cognitive operations in the brain, and adaptive and flexible behaviour in humans and animals are based on these operations.

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