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knife crime prevention orders, UK knife crime

UK Home Secretary: new Knife Crime Prevention Orders

The UK Home Secretary is changing the government’s response to knife crime and will be introducing new Knife Crime Prevention Orders to prevent criminals carrying blades.
economic partnership agreement

EU-Japan Economic Partnership agreement enters into force

The Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between the EU and Japan enters into force on 1 February 2019, allowing businesses and consumers across Europe and Japan to take advantage of the largest open trade zone.
northern ireland abortion rights, landmark legal case abortion

Sarah Ewart: landmark legal case for Northern Ireland abortion rights

This week, the Belfast High Court will hear a case that could find Northern Ireland’s abortion law in breach of the UK’s human rights commitments.
high street jobs, Key Cities

High street jobs: Key Cities solutions for town and city centres

A record number of high street jobs are under threat in 2019: but could this be prevented? Read on to find out the potential solutions being discussed in local government.
£400 million funding cut, libraries museums and arts

£400 million funding cut to libraries, museums, and arts

Councils reduced expenditure on libraries, museums, and arts by £400 million in the last decade - with more money for care services needed, to protect culture cuts.
future partnership

UK and ASEAN agree importance of future partnership

Minister of State for Asia and the Pacific, Mark Field met the Secretary General for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) to confirm commitments to forging a stronger future partnership.
UK tech sector

‘No Deal’ Brexit will disrupt UK tech sector

The risks to the UK tech sector from a disorderly ‘No Deal’ Brexit include a hit on funding for innovative start-ups and an inability to service IT contracts.
pregnant women and new parents

Further job protection given to pregnant women and new parents

Pregnant women and new parents returning to work are to be further protected from unfairly losing their jobs under new proposals set out by the government.
no address by President Trump

State of Disunion: no address by President Trump

President Donald Trump was refused entry into the House of Representatives to give State of Union speech by Majority Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who wants progress on #EndTheShutdown.
empty housing

How can the empty housing crisis in England be improved?

New research has shown that while England’s homelessness statistics are at a worrying high, empty housing across the country is also on the increase.
mental capacity law reform, strengthen's peoples human rights

Mental capacity law reform: threatens human rights

The UK government must resolve confusing and troubling aspects of its mental capacity law reform if it wants to strengthen people’s human rights.
identity crisis

Tackling the UK Government’s identity crisis

UK Government influences our lives through public services. However, a re-occurring obstacle that prevents access to these services is proving identity.
lifetime allowance, pensions

Health secretary pressures the Chancellor over pensions lifetime allowance

Matt Hancock, has revealed that tax charges on pensions are “the biggest concern I have raised with me by GPs”. Senior Cabinet Minister is also in discussions with the Chancellor over lifetime allowance.
rogue landlords

Councils given funding to tackle rogue landlords

More than 50 councils across the country will share nearly £2.4 million of extra funding to crack down on rogue landlords.
two child limit, amber rudd

Amber Rudd retracts two child limit on Universal Credit

The announcement of partial retraction to the two child limitation came today.
food insecurity, environmental audit committee

Committee asks UK government: where is the Minister for Hunger?

The Government does not fully understand the relationship between food insecurity, hunger and malnutrition.
pension protection, local government workers, public sector workers

Local government workers to receive increased pension protection

Public sector workers will receive increased pension protection in the event their job is outsourced, in new proposals.
troubled families, MHCLG

Data gives helping hand to UK government and troubled families

When the Troubled Families program was launched in 2011 by the UK coalition government, there were four key measures by which it would be judged.
UK and Japan, Pioneering collaboration

UK and Japan to forge new pioneering collaboration

Japanese PM Shinzo Abe will meet Prime Minister Theresa May and agree pioneering collaboration on medical research, robotics and use of data.
asylum accommodation, Serco

Privatisation of asylum accommodation causes concern

Labour party has concerns about allocation of asylum accommodation contract to private company, Serco.