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digital rebound

Interoperability & driving the healthcare digital rebound

Mike Smith, Director Large Enterprise & Public Sector at Virgin Media 02 Business, focuses our thoughts on achieving interoperability and driving the digital rebound in healthcare.
digital guidelines

NHSX publishes new digital guidelines to transform patient services

NHSX has published new digital guidelines to help NHS Trusts transform its patient services.
going paperless

Embracing digital advancements and going paperless

Paul Beaney, Customer Success Director at DEF Software, discusses the importance of seizing the momentum after COVID and going paperless in planning.

Delivering best practice back-office collaboration with ERP

Sally Murdoch, Director – Public Sector Marketing at Unit4, discusses how next generation ERP can improve back-office processes.
procure IT services

CCS frameworks to procure IT services

Afshin Attari, Senior Director, Public Sector & Unified Platforms, Exponential-e, explains why CCS frameworks are a flexible & assured route to procure IT services.
patient healthcare

Digital transformation of healthcare for the patient

Paul De Raeve, Secretary General of the European Federation of Nurses Associations, considers the importance of digital transformation to support high-quality patient healthcare.
NHS's recovery

How digital solutions will support the NHS’s recovery

Matt Elcock, Founder/Managing Director of Push Doctor, charts the road ahead when it comes to how digital solutions will support the NHS’s recovery.
wider business transformation

Why digital transformation needs to be part of wider business transformation

Lindsay Lucas, Managing Director of Software Solved, discusses why digital transformation in healthcare should not be carried out in isolation but rather as part of a wider business transformation.
people-first approach

People-first approach key to enhancing public sector digital transformation

Iouri Prokhorov, CEO at Helastel, explores how a people-first approach is key to enhancing the public sector's digital transformation process.
COVID rebound

Local authorities, digital transformation and the COVID rebound

Martin McFadyen, Head of Public Sector, Virgin Media Business, explores what the new local authority should look like after COVID.
policy design

Closing the gap between policy design and delivery

Natalie Taylor, Managing Director, Public Sector, Foundry4, discusses how government can bring more digital voices into policy teams to close the gap between those designing policy and those delivering it.
probate industry

The digitalisation of the probate industry and the pandemics impact

Philip Turvey, executive director at Anglia Research, explores how the pandemic has accelerated the digitalisation of legal practices.
data storage challenges

Addressing the data storage challenges in healthcare

Davide Villa, business development director for EMEAI at Western Digital, discusses the data storage challenges in the healthcare industry and how they can be addressed.
the user

Digital transformation for the needs of the user

Here, we lift the lid on the priorities of the UK’s Government Digital Service concerning accelerating the digital transformation of public services, including being responsive to the needs of the user.
digital transformation skills

Hospitals of the future: The importance of digital transformation skills

Here, Fraunhofer Germany discuss how COVID-19 has driven the adoption of digital health technologies, and offers solutions aiding healthcare professionals to keep up.
modern data protection

Advancing digital transformation and modern data protection

2020 was a year of IT change. Jeremy Wyatt, Operations Director at FCS explains how the last year has affected IT, Digital Transformation and modern data protection strategy.
digital transformation public services, DOS 5

Supporting the digital transformation of public services

We spoke to Prahlad Koti, Partner at Netcompany, to garner his thoughts on how the Digital Outcomes & Specialists 5 (DOS 5) framework supports the digital transformation of public services.
public sector IT, red hat

The public sector ‘opens up’: How public sector IT embraced open source

James Lovegrove, Public Policy Director at Red Hat, explains how public sector IT embraced open source software - going from largely passive users, to active contributors.
government services, public sector

De-risking transformation to deliver resilient government services

Mark Gibbison, Global Head of Public Sector at Unit4, explores how the focus on People Experience delivers more of what matters: helping citizens and communities thrive.
COVID digital transformation

Managing COVID with digital transformation

Digital transformation can help you manage the true cost of COVID, in the view of Sally Murdoch, Public Sector Director at Unit4.

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