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16 million repeat prescriptions: The power of a digital NHS

Over the last 12 months, more than 16 million repeat prescriptions were ordered through the NHS app – proving just how crucial digital access to health care is in 2022 NHS Digital.
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The new ‘AI rulebook’ for technology innovation in the UK government

To improve the regulation of Artificial Intelligence, the UK government have put forth an AI rulebook to protect data and promote responsible AI use.
 digital solutions

Tackling human crises with digital solutions

From the cost-of-living crisis to climate change, Covid, and war in Ukraine, communities have rallied together through recent emergencies - and proved the value of social action.
nhs, pathology services

NHS trusts to digitise pathology services with cloud computing

Two NHS trusts in England will collaborate with technology partner Sectra to deploy digital pathology services using cloud infrastructure NHS trusts in East Suffolk and...
digital healthcare, nhs

Digital healthcare in the NHS expands with £150 million in government funding

Supporting social care, the government have invested £150 million over the next 3 years to enable digital healthcare transformation, ranging from virtual wards to vaccine records on phones.
technology, public sector digital revolution

It’s time for a public sector digital revolution

Recognising the opportunity to change the way it supports and serves citizens, the public sector digital revolution can advance all parts of society.
online public sector, website

Is Drupal right for online public sector digital transformation?

Drupal is perfect for large and small organisations, with over 60 local government sites already live, there is a growing popularity for this in the online public sector.
Electronic Document & Records Management System, data, digital, documents, record

Electronic document & records management system to manage records like money

Richard O’Brien, Director at GilbyIM, looks at an electronic document & records management system for efficient information management.
digital ecosystems, unique governance model

How Denmark built a unique governance model for digital ecosystems

Digital Hub Denmark has developed and implemented a unique governance model for digital tech ecosystems that can be leveraged to accelerate sustainable digital impact.
Transforming Digital Experiences

Transforming Digital Experiences in Healthcare – Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust

Transforming digital experiences of one of the biggest and most well-known NHS Trusts in the UK has been at the heart of the website update.
g-cloud framework

G-Cloud framework scores £1.5 billion in commercial benefits

The government’s Crown Commercial Services’ G-Cloud framework has improved and cloud-based computing for public sector customers.
data fabric

Recognising the human side of data fabric

Mike Ellis, Managing Director of Finworks, explains what data fabric is and what are its benefits to public organisations and data professionals.
statistical modelling

Challenges in data handling for big data in multi-omics research

Dr Gastone Castellani and Dr Jeanine Houwing-Duistermaat from the University of Bologna, Italy develop methods for big multi-omics datasets.
isdn / pstn switch off

There is a lot more to the ISDN / PSTN switch off than meets...

You know it’s going to happen, but have you considered what exposure or risks the ISDN / PSTN switch-off poses to your organisation?
nhs data, uk government, national healthcare

The UK government to improve national healthcare through NHS data

After using NHS data to fight COVID-19, the UK government now looks toward removing restrictions and returning to normal life through data reforms in national healthcare.
digital and data, uk government

The UK government’s 2022 to 2025 Roadmap for Digital and Data

The government’s Roadmap to digital and data involves ambitions to transform digital public services, deliver world-class digital technology and systems, and attract digital talent.
synthetic data approach, machine learning

The synthetic data approach: The new unlimited data plan for AI models

Dayna Arnold, Project Manager at Zest Consult, discusses the benefits of using a synthetic data approach to machine learning as an innovative solution for increasing the availability, accuracy & security of more cost effective data.

Do you have the agility and data visibility you need to properly plan for...

After a decade of financial instability, the COVID-19 pandemic, and a period of rising demand for services, robust financial planning and data visibility is more important to the public sector than ever.
network infrastructure

6 steps for a successful transformation of your network infrastructure

The public and private sectors are now facing a common issue: how do you maintain legacy technology while embracing new opportunities? Simona Mazza, Head of Digital Advisory, UBDS discusses six steps to transforming your network infrastructure.
quantum computing pitfall, public sector

Government’s next big task? Avoiding the quantum computing pitfall

David Mahdi, Chief Strategy Officer and CISO Advisor at Sectigo, explores what could be the government’s next big task and avoiding the quantum computing pitfall.

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