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Gender equality bias

Understanding equality in light of gender bias in society

Alison Kriel, Founder, Above & Beyond Education, describes the importance of understanding equality in light of gender bias in society
school simulation model, coronavirus school

Simulation model for schools to reopen safely during COVID-19

Researchers developed a simulation model for schools during the pandemic, identifying what schools need to do to minimise COVID cases.
bame students, postgraduate

£2.5 million scheme to support BAME students in postgraduate research

To inspire more Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) students into postgraduate research, Durham university have introduced a £2.5 million scheme to diversify their education programmes.
childhood vocabulary, emotional regulation

Childhood vocabulary can predict future emotional regulation

A team find that expressive vocabulary at the age of 5-7 can predict likelihood of good emotional regulation, four years later.
lectures double speed

Students retain information even when watching lectures at double-speed

Students can still retain information when watching their lectures at up to twice the speed, as recorded lectures have expanded during the pandemic.
heart disease risk, healthy habits

Healthy cardiovascular habits taught young can lower heart disease risk

Teaching children about healthy habits can achieve lasting lifestyle changes, lowering cardiovascular disease risk through a multidisciplinary approach.
co2 ventilation, covid-19 schools

CO2 ventilation monitors to control COVID-19 in schools

In a new UK Government initiative to reduce the spread of COVID, schools across the UK have received CO2 monitors for better ventilation.
guided play, teaching children

‘Guided’ play better for teaching children than direct instruction

Researchers find that play-based ‘guided’ learning through educational activities could be more beneficial for children’s development and skills.
diversity history classes, curriculum

Addressing diversity in UK secondary school history classes

Issues with diversity have occurred in school curriculums across the UK, but a national survey of teachers has noted history classes are incorporating more representation into their lessons.
levelling-up education, edtech

‘Levelling-up’: The emerging role of education technology

Al Kingsley, CEO at NetSupport, discusses the potential role of education technology in "levelling up" - especially for vulnerable communities.
disruption education, digital technology

True disruption in education: An opportune moment for lasting change?

Christel Wolthoorn, Managing Director of LovedBy Design, examines how the education sector dealt with COVID disruption and the work that remains.
diverse curriculum, lit in colour

What are we saying when we don’t represent diverse voices in our teaching?

Joy Mbakwe, Head of English at Lilian Baylis Technology College, discusses an ongoing issue in education - the absence of a diverse curriculum in classrooms around the UK.
male-dominated fields, long-term recruitment

Gender equality in male-dominated fields takes continuous effort

A study analysing long-term recruitment measures for gender equality has found that they work, but require a sustained commitment for success.
astrophysics and astronomy

Astrophysics and astronomy in the U.S.

How is the U.S. National Science Foundation improving diversity in astrophysics and astronomy? Here, Open Access Government investigates.
stem equity

STEM: Improving diversity, equity & inclusiveness

Dr David Morris, Director of the Etelman Observatory, discusses the importance of improving diversity, equity & inclusiveness, particularly in the STEM disciplines, including physics, astrophysics & astronomy.

The CHILD-UP project: Encouraging agency in migrant children

In this interview with Professor Claudio Baraldi (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia), Project Coordinator of the EU funded project CHILD-UP, we learn about key points related to the project’s approach and implementation.

From vocational education to labour market integration

Irene Kriesi and Miriam Grønning explain how initial vocational education and training in Switzerland facilitates fast and smooth labour market entry, but also offers heterogenous career prospects.
sustainability education

Sustainability education starts in early years: Grounding ecological lifestyles and ‘glocal’ mentalities

Elin Eriksen Ødegaard, Director and Professor in Early Childhood Pedagogy, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, discusses why grounding ecological lifestyles and ‘glocal’ mentalities in early years is key to sustainability education.
care leavers

Out of care and into housing: Providing safe spaces to young care leavers

Harri Helvon-Hardy, Founder and CEO of FABRIC, explores the unique needs of vulnerable young care leavers and looks at how local authorities and communities could have a positive impact on young people.
pedagogy teaching

Education: Pedagogy of teaching

Rageena Tahir, Head of Education at Fennies Nurseries, tells us what she has learned and what we need to know about the pedagogy of teaching.

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