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literacy skills

Study: Boosting childhood literacy skills through Naptime

According to new research, early literacy skills in children aged between four and five can be boosted by daytime naps
studying in Japan, space exploration

Education equals innovation when studying in Japan

Open Access Government discuss Japan’s focus on supporting young researchers to help achieve the country’s scientific research and development goals when studying in Japan.
learning english, education system

Is tech the key to learning English as an additional language?

Joe Miller, general manager of the Americas and Europe, Pocketalk, looks at the language issues in education and the solutions that can help those learning English.
STEM workforce, problem-solving

Training a new generation of problem solvers

How can education programmes develop the problem-solving skills of today’s schoolchildren and tomorrow’s STEM workforce?
early childhood education, nor child

NORCHILD: Unique early childhood education & care

Elin Eriksen Ødegaard, Director & Professor in Early Childhood Pedagogy from Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, lifts the lid on NORCHILD, a unique research school for early childhood education & care.
universities as corporate parents

The role of universities as Corporate Parents in Scotland

Clarifying what kind of support is provided by universities in Scotland, as ‘Corporate Parents’, to children and young people who have experienced social care in the UK in comparison with Japan.
girls STEM education, education sector

Learning with technology in public and higher education

Dean Emeritus Katy Campbell, University of Alberta, discusses the future of girls and women in STEM education.
academic breaks, disadvantaged backgrounds

People who take academic breaks less likely to continue studying

People who take academic breaks after high school are less likely to enrol in higher education – especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds.
childrens literacy skills, primary schools

Closing the learning gaps in children’s literacy skills

Katy Pinchess, headteacher, talks about how Bentley CE Primary School is identifying and supporting children’s literacy skills to boost confidence as well as reading progress.
pupil special needs, education special needs

Helping pupils with special needs access phonics

A flexible approach is key to ensure the teaching of phonics can be personalised for children with special educational needs, says Katrina Cochrane, at Lexplore Analytics.
multilingualism students, language learning

Link between multilingualism and better GSCE grades

Students who are multilingual – regardless of whether they are fluent or beginners in another language – scored higher in GSCE results.
lifting mask mandate

Too soon to remove masks in US elementary schools, says study

COVID-19 case numbers need to be far lower than current rates before lifting mask mandates in US elementary schools according to new research
sex education pleasure, sti

The key to safe sex education is understanding pleasure

Acknowledging pleasure as a key driver of sexual behaviour has more success in teaching safe sex than traditional sex education – as well as targeting STI/HIV risk reduction.
science and evidence, social contract education

A new social contract for education: Science & evidence

Anantha Duraiappah, Director at UNESCO Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development (MGIEP), describes a new social contract for education, including why science and evidence matter.
girls education covid-19, teachers covid-19

85% of teachers in the Global South provided extra care for girls in education

Many teachers took on ‘humanitarian roles’ during COVID-19 school closures, aiming to improve girls’ education - as well as providing healthcare and safeguarding.
blended education, zoom learning

Blended learning: Strategic, not a reactive approach to change

Tatjana Babrauskienė from the European Economic and Social Committee, Workers’ Group (Group II), walks us through blended learning, underlining a strategic rather than reactive approach to change.
Gender equality bias

Understanding equality in light of gender bias in society

Alison Kriel, Founder, Above & Beyond Education, describes the importance of understanding equality in light of gender bias in society
school simulation model, coronavirus school

Simulation model for schools to reopen safely during COVID-19

Researchers developed a simulation model for schools during the pandemic, identifying what schools need to do to minimise COVID cases.
bame students, postgraduate

£2.5 million scheme to support BAME students in postgraduate research

To inspire more Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) students into postgraduate research, Durham university have introduced a £2.5 million scheme to diversify their education programmes.
childhood vocabulary, emotional regulation

Childhood vocabulary can predict future emotional regulation

A team find that expressive vocabulary at the age of 5-7 can predict likelihood of good emotional regulation, four years later.

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