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images of self-harm

Social media is being used by teens to share images of self-harm

The University of Georgia shows the dark and dangerous way in which many young people are using social media platforms to share images of self-harm.
suicide risk disparities, lgbt adults

Study finds suicide risk disparities in LGBT adults

A study identifies suicide risk disparities amongst lesbian, gay, and bisexual adults, with differences based on sexuality, gender, age, and race.
suicidal thoughts, adolescents suicidal

Machine identifies suicidal thoughts with 91% accuracy

Researchers have developed a new machine with a learning-based approach to recognise adolescents undergoing suicidal thoughts and behaviour.
male cancer

Movember: Male cancer and mental health awareness

Wesley Baker, CEO of ANCON Medical, highlights the importance of Movember in raising awareness for male cancer, with particular focus on prostate cancer, and mental health illness.
emotional pain

Men experience more emotional pain from a breakup

According to a new study, men have a tendency to experience more emotional pain than women after a relationship breakdown.
depression for men

The hidden struggle of depression for men

Hanna Silva, clinical psychologist and therapeutic programme manager at Flow Neuroscience, explores the hidden struggle of depression for men and why they don’t get the treatment they need.
covid-19 solitude, pandemic solitude

Did COVID-19 solitude benefit well-being?

Study finds solitude during the pandemic has positive benefits on well-being, creating feelings of self-growth and competence.
youth wellness

Pathways to youth resilience

Dr Christine Wekerle from McMaster University discusses youth health risks and why resilience is crucial to youth wellness.
nurses suicidal, suicidal ideation

Study finds nurses have more suicidal ideation than general workforce

In a survey of 7,000 US nurses, researchers found that there was more pre-COVID suicidal ideation than in the general workforce.
anxiety and depression

Psychologists report increase in demand for anxiety and depression treatment

Psychologists have reported an increase in the demand for treatment of anxiety and depression since the start of the pandemic.
teenagers with depression, depressed adolescent

Researchers say teens with depression “mute” upsetting information

The University of Oxford found that teenagers with depression "mute" upsetting information, while depressed adults do not have the same coping mechanism.
support staff

How employers can support staff this World Mental Health Day

This World Mental Health Day, we spoke to seven business leaders on the importance of mental health awareness and what all employers can do to support their staff.
untreatable depression, patient

Neuromodulation clears symptoms of severe, untreatable depression

Targeted neuromodulation may be a future method to help those with severe, untreatable depression - traditionally, this is used to correct misfiring brain circuits in people with epilepsy or Parkinson's.
mental health COVID-19

Mental health in light of the COVID-19 pandemic

Dr Hans Henri P. Kluge, Regional Director & Dr Natasha Azzopardi-Muscat, Director of Country Health Policies and Systems at WHO/Europe, lift the lid on mental health in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.
depression pandemic, COVID

Research finds people with depression “hidden group” vulnerable to pandemic

In a study of nearly 60,000 people by University College London, scientists found people with depression and anxiety before COVID were a "hidden group" - extra vulnerable to long-term health and financial consequences.
community mental health

WHO guidance: Feasibility of community mental health

Jonas Bull, Policy and Research Officer at Mental Health Europe, sheds light on new WHO guidance that demonstrates the feasibility of community mental health services based on human rights.
mental wellness

Empowering mental wellness through lived experience

Phil Worms, CEO of Frog Systems, explains how video-led signposting offers a new way to deliver well-being support.
with suicidal thoughts

Suicide prevention: How to talk to someone with suicidal thoughts

Ahead of World Suicide Prevention Day on 10th September, Philip Adkins, National IAPT Clinical Lead at Vita Health Group, looks at suicide prevention in the workplace and addresses how an employee can talk to a colleague with suicidal thoughts.
free time mental health, free time

Is a lot of free time good for your mental health?

When it comes to time and how to use it, there are plenty of clashing opinions - what do scientists now think about how free time impacts your mental health?
older adults with severe dementia, ageing population

Evaluation of older adults with severe dementia

Professor Timothy Kwok of Jockey Club Centre for positive ageing, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, explores how to reliably evaluate older adults with severe dementia.

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