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Addressing the mental health crisis amongst emergency response workers

Fast-paced environments, demanding schedules, and high-stakes decision-making all contribute to the stressful environment emergency response workers endure daily.
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Trauma-Informed Practice should be the norm, not the exception

Dr Paula Christie, Research and Enhancement at College Development Network, highlights the importance of implementing trauma-informed practice to help students as they enter the learning environment.
Bangladesh, village Charburhan on the island of Charkajal, Bay, Gulf of Bengal: No country in the world is so vulnerable to climate change, flood plains, flooded fields than Bangladesh. These people have problems of flooding and sometimes they have to wait weeks on this mound, islet, waiting with their cattle that the water will drop. Because of global warming the country is becoming more and more flooded by the waters of the rivers, the ascent of the sea level, and the heavy rainfall during the monsoon. It are the poorest people who are most affected by these natural disasters.

Bangladesh flood: Mental health impact on Bangladeshi people

The Bangladesh flood 2022 and other climate-related events have a devastating impact on mental health outcomes in terms of depression and anxiety in Bangladesh.

The Canada Mental Health Transfer: We can’t let luck decide who gets care

Margaret Eaton, National CEO, CMHA, discusses the importance of the Canada Mental Health Transfer to the provinces and territories in Budget 2023.
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Mental health solutions: can ethics, accessibility and evidence successfully coexist in digital tools?

Dr Anna Mandeville, UK Clinical Director and Dr Aleksandar Matic, R&D Director at Koa Health, discuss the inherent challenges private medical insurers and employers face in finding mental health solutions that successfully combine ethics, accessibility and strong science to support mental wellbeing.
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What is emotional ‘blunting’ and how does it affect depression?

Patients with depression on antidepressant drugs can experience ‘blunting’ – affecting both emotions and learning.
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Blue Monday: ADHD can be predictive of poor mental health outcomes in adults

Adults with high levels of ADHD are more likely to experience poor mental health than adults with high levels of autistic traits.

Perceptions of the ‘Short Guide to Personal Recovery in Mental Health’

Jackie Mellese, Communication Manager at Mental Health Europe, with Mental Health Ireland (MHI), explain how the ‘Short Guide to Personal Recovery in Mental Health’ is perceived.
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A current analysis of mental health in the workplace

Dr Florence Baingana, Regional Advisor, Mental, Neurological, and Substance Use Disorders, World Health Organization (WHO) African Region, provides an update on mental health in the workplace.
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Why we need to treat mental health like physical health in schools

Ben Levinson, OBE, headteacher at Kensington Primary School, shares his thoughts on why mental health should have a positive focus the way physical health does, not a negative one.
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The impact of suicide and suicidal behavior

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, explain the impact of suicide and suicidal behavior. Suicide is preventable and no lives should be lost to it.
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Student wellbeing at secondary school: 79% of 14 year olds extremely dissatisfied

Student wellbeing drops sharply after starting secondary school with most adolescents satisfied at 11 and most extremely dissatisfied by 14.
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Ayahuasca dangers: mental and physical adverse effects

A survey looking at ayahuasca dangers finds 70% experience physical and 55% mental health adverse effects – but only 2.3% of physical adverse events require medical attention.
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Mental health at work during the most stressful months of the year

What does mental health at work look like as we enter some of the most stressful months of the year for small businesses?
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Childhood trauma increases risk of mental disorders by three times

Suffering childhood trauma, either psychologically or physically, can increase the risk of mental disorder development in adulthood by as much as three times.
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Cats have been found to encourage stress relief in people with anxiety

Research has drawn attention to the benefits of spending time with cats, as a means of stress relief, for people suffering from anxiety disorders.
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How does psilocybin rewire the brain?

Psilocybin rewires the brain in depressed people by freeing them up from long-held patterns of rumination and excessive self-focus.
Senior white woman suffering with dementia and depression/anxiety receiving talk therapy

Talk therapy to improve mental health in dementia patients

Could talk therapy help dementia patients improve their mental health? Research suggests that it is beneficial for anxiety and depression.
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Time to proactively prioritize mental health

Jackie Mellese, Communication Manager at Mental Health Europe, argues that within the current context of a VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous), we must prioritize mental health and make it everybody’s business.
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Is a hybrid approach the answer to supply chain issues for mental health services?

Dr Chuk Anyaegbuna, clinical service lead at Koa Health, and clinical psychologist, Dr Tania Johnston discuss how technology can support the current delivery system and improve access to mental health services.

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