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young minds matter

Young minds matter: Protecting children’s mental health from lockdown 3.0

Jon Smedley, a former teacher and founder of Teach Active, explains how schools can help children stay physically active to limit the negative impact of lockdown 3.0 on their mental health.
Peer support leader

Peer support leader programmes help teens with anxiety and depression

According to a new national poll, 1 in 3 parents strongly encourage schools having peer support leader programmes for their child's mental health.
untreatable depression, patient

Neuromodulation clears symptoms of severe, untreatable depression

Targeted neuromodulation may be a future method to help those with severe, untreatable depression - traditionally, this is used to correct misfiring brain circuits in people with epilepsy or Parkinson's.
Food insufficiency

Food insufficiency linked to depression and anxiety during pandemic

25% rise in food insufficiency during the COVID-19 pandemic linked to increased mental health issues, according to a new study.
bipolar disorder patients, LEF1

Why doesn’t lithium work for 70% of bipolar disorder patients?

Salk Institute scientists believe they have solved this mystery for bipolar disorder patients - the answer involves a specific gene, and proposes changes to the future of treatment.
mental health research priorities

The National Institute for Health Research and mental health research priorities

Here, Open Access Government maps the mental health research priorities of the NIHR as now more than ever, citizens need efficient and effective support.
youth wellness

Pathways to youth resilience

Dr Christine Wekerle from McMaster University discusses youth health risks and why resilience is crucial to youth wellness.
psychiatry for the 21st century

Innovative psychiatry for the 21st century – Close to domicile. Competent. Human

Elena Posth & Romina Männl from Pfalzklinikum walk us through exactly how the company has entered into a new and exciting era of treating people with mental illness by charting their ‘Innovative psychiatry for the 21st century – Close to domicile. Competent. Human’ project.
Seasonal affective disorder

Alleviating Seasonal Affective Disorder in WFH employees

Here, Know Your Money have listed a handful of tips for employers on how they can alleviate Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) in work from home employees.
postpartum depression

NIH study finds postpartum depression could persist 3 years after childbirth

A new NIH study has found that 1 in 4 women experienced high levels of postpartum depression at some point in the three years after giving birth.
tackle burnout

Top ten ways to help tackle burnout

Elizabeth Houghton, Business and Life Success Coach, Sutton Full Potential, shares ten top tips on how to tackle burnout.
festive season

How the festive season is affecting your hormones

To help identify how the festive season could be affecting your hormones, we caught up with expert nutritionist from bioniq, Clarissa Lenherr, who explains five ways the festive season might be causing you more harm than good and what you can do about it.
employee's mental health

Businesses could face a mental health storm this winter

With the winter months just around the corner, John Williams, Head of Marketing at Instant Offices explains why paying attention to employee's mental health is most crucial than ever, whether teams are working onsite or remotely.
young people's wellbeing

Social media is harming young people’s wellbeing

myGP have been researching the ways in which social media is harmful to young people's wellbeing. Here, they explore how simple awareness can help to combat these mental health issues.

1.9 million smokers willing to quit for mental health reasons

A recent study - undertaken ahead of World Mental Health Day 2020 - reveals that 1.9 million (27%) of UK smokers say they would like to quit for mental health reasons, compared to just 16% quitting over COVID-19 concerns.
Online counselling

The future of therapy: Online counselling searches increase by 124%

Jade Mansfield at Delight Counselling, explores why online counselling has become increasingly popular since the COVID-19 pandemic.
natures accessibility

Can nature help to improve your mental health?

Here, we discuss Lea Wermelin, Danish Minister for the Environment’s current priorities, such as encouraging those with mental health issues to make the most of Denmark’s green spaces and increasing natures accessibility.
Psychological resilience in children

Psychological resilience in children during COVID-19

Dr Lucy Viney, Clinical Psychologist and Co-Founder of the Fitzrovia Psychology Clinic underlines the importance of building psychological resilience in children during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Social isolation childhood

Social isolation during childhood causes damage to specific brain circuit

A study in mice has shown long-lasting effects from juvenile social isolation and suggests methods of potential treatment.
digital mental health therapy

The critical role of digital mental health therapy

Dr Lloyd Humphreys, clinical psychologist, NHS Innovation Accelerator alumnus and Head of Europe at SilverCloud Health, explores the aspects of delivering mental health services after COVID-19 and the important future role of digital mental health therapy.

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