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depression treatment, socioeconomic factors

Depression treatment less likely to work for non-white patients

The University of Cincinnati found that depression treatment is more likely to work for patients who are employed, or have a degree.
adults with adhd, mental health

42% of adults with ADHD have “excellent” mental health

Adults with ADHD are shown to flourish when they are married, physically active, and free from chronic pain and other mental health issues.
psilocybin microdosing, depression

Can people alleviate depression with psilocybin microdosing?

Psychedelic use has been found to have positive effects on mental disorders – now, psilocybin microdosing shows hope for relieving depression.
meaningful activities, loneliness

Loneliness can be tackled by finding the ‘flow’ in meaningful activities

Researchers suggest that to combat loneliness, finding activities with the ‘flow’ – engaging deeply in meaningful activities – can increase leisure and reduce loneliness.
employee mental health

Ten ways to protect employee mental health during a global crisis

The last two years created psychological strain, with the pandemic sparking feelings of uncertainty about both professional and personal futures - creating issues for employee mental health.
gut microbiome and personality, fatigue

The gut microbiome and personality: Can food change who you are?

'You are what you eat' has never rung so true, as researchers uncover links between the gut microbiome and personality traits - so, can nutrition change our psychology? 
attribution of consciousness, psychedelic drugs

Can psychedelic drugs provide insights to the attribution of consciousness?

Psychedelic drugs have recently been used to treat mental health disorders – now scientists find they can also provide better understanding into the attribution of consciousness.
Social media use effects, life satisfaction

Boys and girls feel negative effects of social media, at different ages

Girls experience social media use effects often at 11-13, whereas boys experience this later at 14-15 – adolescents who use social media more have a lower life satisfaction.
young people's mental health, covid-19

No time to lose: Protecting young people’s mental health

Here, Mental Health Europe call for a crucial overhaul in European support for young people’s mental health through the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.
dementia day care, dementia day care

The importance of dementia day care services during COVID-19

Professor Timothy Kwok, Director of the Jockey Club Centre for Positive Ageing, and Research Manager Ms Bel Wong, explain the necessity of dementia day care services during the pandemic.
mental health diagnosis, KOA health

Scalable and accessible mental health for all

Nicola Hemmings, workplace scientist at Koa Health, and Dr Claire Vowell, lead psychologist, discuss how mental health conditions exist across a continuum and address what organisations can do to better support those who do not have a mental health diagnosis.
child mental health, MHINT-ERC

The MHINT-ERC project: Rethinking the role of parenting in child mental health difficulties

The MHINT-ERC project suggests that just because parents are the solution, does not mean they were the cause.
mental health, unemployed depression

Unemployed people have 28% worse depression symptoms

People who are unemployed, or do not have secure housing, have worse depression symptoms compared to their more socially advantaged peers.
first aid rural areas, trauma-informed care

Mental Health First Aid: A resource for trauma-informed care in rural Texas

Lakshmi Mahadevan from Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service describes the increasing need for Mental Health First Aid in rural areas.
budget on mental health, depression and anxiety

WHO says governments spend only 2% of budget on mental health

While global cases of depression and anxiety rose by 25% in the pandemic, governments spend just over 2% of their budget on mental health.
hoarding behaviour, adhd

One in five people with ADHD have hoarding behaviour

People with ADHD are likely to adopt hoarding behaviours and mental addictions to items – potentially leading to a serious impact on their quality of life.
transgender resilience, discrimination

The social realities behind transgender resilience 

Transgender people face a lot of discrimination, hostility, and tension in their everyday lives, especially in rural areas in the US - leading to strategies of transgender resilience.
suicide and overdose, automation

How have robots increased suicide and overdose in humans?

An increase in “deaths of despair” – suicide and overdose – across the US has been linked to robot manufacturing which is gradually replacing people in their jobs.
workplace wellbeing

Championing mental health and workplace wellbeing

Philip Mullen, Managing Director, UK and Europe at LifeWorks, looks at what we can learn from the conversations of elite athletes and how it can be translated into workplace wellbeing.
mental health during lockdown, wellbeing lockdown

One in three young people had better mental health during lockdown

While most people experienced worsening mental health during lockdown, a study finds that one in three young people actually had improved wellbeing.

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