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Within this section, you can find articles on topics such as cybercrime, data protection and online harms. And we also touch upon the relevant topics such as social media and its potential danger and its ongoing need for regulation. The protection of personal data in the modern age is a topic is something we touch upon often in the contexts of revenge porn and other forms. Topics such as Cybersecurity in relation to business and the domination of ‘The Cloud’ are very popular.

We all cover a wide range of information concerning the emerging potential of artificial intelligence (AI) and the many developments and ethical arguments within this topic. we have experts giving their opinion on the future of AI and how it will move forward. We also look at AI and its involvement in healthcare.

We also cover the Internet of Things (IoT) along with the use of data and GDPR related issues.

photocopiers and printers

MFDs in Digital and Sustainable Procurement Strategies

Dave Crispin, CEO of Crispin Associates (UK) Ltd, continues discussions around the role MFDs, photocopiers and printers play in the ‘sustainable’ 2021 office.
interoperability issues

Delivering cross-border ICS data sharing with interoperability

Here, Managing Director Mike Symers discloses how ReStart provides IMX, an interoperability platform that can solve any interoperability issues.
Business Technology

7 reasons why you can benefit from Business Technology

Nick Russell, managing director of Xonetic, explores how the Business Technology Framework can help organisations make better use of technology.
US data privacy framework, helpsystems

The argument for a national US data privacy framework

Adam Strange, Global Marketing Director at Titus by HelpSystems, explains the argument for a national US data privacy framework.
communication and information systems, computing

Computing, communication & information systems

Nina Amla with Joydip Kundu and Fernanda Pembleton from the Directorate for Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE), provide an in-depth look at computing, communication and information systems.
safeguard the public sector

How to safeguard the public sector from growing cybercrime

Terry Greer-King, VP EMEA at Sonicwall, offers advice on how can the public sector protect itself from 2021's cybercrime 'explosion'.
hybrid cloud strategy

Why the public sector should embrace a hybrid cloud strategy

Jon Lucas, C-director of Hyve Managed Hosting, explains why the number of organisations in the public sector adopting a hybrid cloud strategy is growing, analyses what this shift means to these organisations.
talking about data

Why is everyone talking about data ?

Everyone is talking about data and  Adrian Cooper, field CTO for NetApp Public Sector, is here to tell us why it has become so important.
instagram mental health impact, teen girls

Investigation finds Instagram aware of mental health impact

According to the Wall Street Journal, Instagram has been aware of severe mental health impacts on teenage girls for the past three years.
pegasus spyware, nso group

Apple reveal ‘Pegasus’ spyware infiltrated their devices

The 'Pegasus' spyware, used to hack deceased journalist Jamal Kashoggi, has been confirmed to exist in Apple devices - a new software update was released to counter the issue.
voice of the customer

CX: Voice Of The Customer: Are You Listening?

Chris Merricks, Director at CX Consultants, considers the needs and wants of customers and asks, are we listening to them?

Report finds tech industry spends €97 million on EU lobbying

A new report by Corporate Europe Observatory reveals that the tech industry spends €97 million on EU lobbying annually - with companies like Amazon spending €2,750,000.
social engineering

Controlling the top cause of ransomware – social engineering

Javvad Malik, lead security awareness advocate at KnowBe4, explains how social engineering is the top cause of ransomware and explores the steps organisations can take to reduce the risk of attackers gaining a foothold in their networks.
build better cybersecurity  

Why the UK’s public sector needs to urgently build better cybersecurity  

Keith Glancey, Head of Solutions Architects at Infoblox, explores why cybersecurity has never been more important for the public sector.

Online Safety Bill poses threats to encryption

Robin Wilton, director for Internet Trust at Internet Society, discusses why governments and the private sector pose threats to encrypted communications.
power of data

How local governments can harness the power of their data

Glen Ocskó, Head of Local Government at Made Tech, explores how councils need to unleash the value of their data to realise the potential it has to revolutionise the way our towns and cities are run.
physically unclonable constant

Stabilization in Physically Unclonable Constants

Prof Riccardo Bernardini from the University of Udine tells us about the importance of stabilization in Physically Unclonable Constants.
compliance trends

The implications of changing compliance trends on the threat landscape

Nic Sarginson, Principal Solutions Engineer at Yubico, discusses the key regulatory changes in the UK & EU and the pressures being placed on regulators/ policymakers to protect the public from the risks associated with this “new normal".
ransomware within healthcare

The rise of ransomware within healthcare

David Higgins, EMEA Technical Director, CyberArk, explores three reasons why healthcare organisations are extra vulnerable to ransomware.
click fraud has worsened

How has click fraud worsened during the coronavirus pandemic?

In this Q&A interview with Stewart Boutcher, CTO and data lead of Beacon, he discusses how click fraud has worsened during the coronavirus pandemic and what e-commerce businesses can do to protect themselves.

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