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Open Access Governments Environment news category is full of diverse and interesting material. This section takes a broad look at environmental issues across the world and the governments tackling them. 

In this category, you will find the latest legal developments in the environmental sector from around the globe. The newest research is available to read with news such as the EU’s strategy with environmental changes and issues. We also cover marine conservation, biodiversity, sustainability, and the impacts of climate change on the natural world.

The process of implementing zero emission policies and the development of technology in the aid of reducing climate change and fossil fuel emissions are popular topics within this section.

industries drinking water

How industries are affecting access to safe drinking water

An analysis considers the impacts of large-scale agriculture and industries on the human right to drinking water, advocating for the access to safe water for all.
island biodiversity targets

The barriers to achieving island biodiversity targets

A study indicates the greater necessity for biodiversity conservation, analysing 33 barriers to reaching biodiversity targets and how nations are to better manage island ecosystems.
new proposals

The Commission’s new proposals for the European Green Deal

The European Commission has adopted three new proposals to stop deforestation, manage sustainable waste, making soils healthy for the environment, and promoting a circular economy.
ban single-use plastics

Inside England’s plans to ban single-use plastics

Single-use plastics could be banned in England in the latest Government proposal to stop production and consumption of all avoidable plastic waste.
Fixed Penalty Notice, littering

Public unaware of what is actually classed as litter

Dyl Kurpil, Managing Director, District Enforcement asks, are the general public aware of what is actually classed as litter and the Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) litterers can be subject to?.
International Standard for sustainability

COP26 achieves International Standard for Sustainability

COP26 Summit achieves the ISO20121 certificate by delivering a green conference and managing the event in a sustainable way.
nature and oceans, cop26, land use

UK pledges to protect land use, nature and oceans at COP26

As COP26 reaches its completion in Glasgow this year, the UK pledges for more urgent action and investment protecting land, nature, and oceans on their respective summit days. Here’s the breakdown.
bird species

How has climate change effected birds’ bodies?

New research finds that climate change affecting the Amazon rainforest has also developed issues with its bird species, adjusting the body and wing length of resident birds.
human industry

Gene editing promises to make human industry sustainable

L. Val Giddings, PhD, Senior Fellow, Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, states that gene editing promises to make human industry sustainable*.
covid-related plastic waste, single use plastics

New ocean model traces COVID-related plastic waste

The pandemic has increased demand for single-use plastics such as face masks, gloves, and face shields – so what happens to COVID-related plastic waste?
cleaner environment, hydrogen

Hydrogen for a stronger economy and cleaner environment

Frank Wolak, President and CEO of the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association - argues that when it comes to a stronger economy and a cleaner environment

Bonfire Night pollutes our air with large amounts of soot

Researchers from the University of Leeds have discovered that soot in the atmosphere around Bonfire Night is 100 times its normal level.
environment in europe

Outlook for consumption & environment in Europe

Thierry Libaert from the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), charts the outlook for consumption and the environment in Europe.
ASEAN climate change, ASEAN

ASEAN risks losing 35% GDP by 2050 from climate change

A COP26 report outlining the economic threat of climate hazards at ASEAN, highlighting the impact of weather extremes in the region.
ecology and conservation, diversity in ecology

New data highlights lack of diversity in ecology and conservation

Out of the top authors in ecology and conservation journals, 11% were by women and 75% of the articles focused on five countries in the Global North.
deforestation 2030, sustainable

World leaders agree to reverse deforestation by 2030

World leaders, including Brazil and China, have agreed to stop and reverse deforestation by 2030.
mass burning, european commission climate

Climate report reveals mass burning across EU

The Joint Research Centre (JRC) presented its 21st edition Annual Report on Forest Fires, documenting worsening mass burning across Europe.
COP26 goals

How do we decarbonise the UK economy in line with COP26 goals?

George Adams, Director of Energy and Engineering, SPIE UK, provides insight into how the UK might be able to decarbonise the economy in line with COP26 goals.
un report 2.7, global warming

UN report finds that global warming will rise by 2.7°

A UN report finds that richer countries will reduce emissions by 12% in 2030, but they need to make a cut of 45% by that time or global warming will rise to 2.7°.
flood monitoring

Fighting climate change with autonomous flood monitoring

Neelam Sandhu, SVP, Chief Elite Customer Success Officer at BlackBerry, explores how autonomous year-round flood monitoring and intelligent early warning systems can be deployed by local municipalities to protect communities from natural disasters.

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