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Open Access Governments Environment news category is full of diverse and interesting material. This section takes a broad look at environmental issues across the world and the governments tackling them. 

In this category, you will find the latest legal developments in the environmental sector from around the globe. The newest research is available to read with news such as the EU’s strategy with environmental changes and issues. We also cover marine conservation, biodiversity, sustainability, and the impacts of climate change on the natural world.

The process of implementing zero emission policies and the development of technology in the aid of reducing climate change and fossil fuel emissions are popular topics within this section.

food production

Is it possible to feed the growing population without destroying forests?

Nur Bahar and Terry Sunderland illustrate why it is important to challenge the narrative of ‘food production-at-all-cost’ at the expense of our forests.
industrial animal farming

Why protecting humans, means protecting animals too

Philip Lymbery, Global CEO of Compassion in World Farming International, explains why protecting humans, means protecting animals too
strategic heat planning

Heating: Planning our way out of the climate crisis

Grundfos Holding A/S explains the future of heating in Europe, as we plan our way out of the climate crisis
air quality, climate science

Science-based solutions for climate change and air quality research

Academic experts from the University of Helsinki, Finland, examine the vital work of the Atmosphere and Climate Competence Center (ACCC) Flagship, including climate change and air quality.
fish soundscapes, restored coral reefs

Study reveals fish soundscapes across restored coral reefs

On reef restoration projects in Indonesia reviving marine ecosystems, scientists found ‘fish songs’, indicating the ecosystems were coming back to life.
cooking and cleaning

The impact of cooking and cleaning on health

Professor of Indoor Air Chemistry examines exposure to indoor and outdoor pollution, through the impacts of cooking and cleaning on indoor air quality
paris agreement

City & region climate action keeps hope alive for COP26 outcomes

Yunus Arikan, Director of Global Advocacy, Local Governments for Sustainability, tells us that city and region action keeps hope alive for COP26 outcomes
plant homogenisation

Human activity is the biggest contributor to plant homogenisation

Researchers have found that human activity has the largest impact on plant communities, as seen with climate change, or the introduction of an invasive species.
carbon dioxide

Human-elephant coexistence part 3: Elephants, wildlife & how they help with climate

Susan Canney, Director of the Mali Elephant Project, WILD Foundation & International Conservation Fund Canada, in the third part of a fascinating discussion about human-elephant coexistence, consider elephants, wildlife and how they help with climate change.
local ecological knowledge

Using local ecological knowledge to monitor Amazon wildlife

An international study demonstrates the importance of local ecological knowledge for conservation in the Amazon, proving to be more accurate than 10 years of conventional scientific studies.
Stem cell-based therapy

Stem cell-based therapy for corals

Could medical approaches of stem cell-based therapy, be a tool for corals’ resilience to heat stress? Benyamin Rosental, Principal Investigator, Assistant Professor at Ben Gurion University of the Negev in Israel answers the compelling question here.
repurposing property, sustainable

Repurposing property that is surplus to requirement

Stuart Woolgar, CEO, Global Guardians Management Ltd, explores how repurposing empty buildings, such as office space, will help the property world to become more sustainable.
circular plastic model

Transforming plastic use with a circular model

New research provides a model of the global scale of plastic development, tracing where it’s produced, where it ends up, and its environmental impact.
antarctic fish

Behavioural adaptations in fish may help them adapt to Ocean warming

Virginia Tech scientists are showing the resilient nature of cold-water fish in the face of climate change and rising ocean temperatures
Antarctic seawater samples

Identifying microplastics in Antarctic seawater samples

Research has identified how microplastics are being found in the Antarctic, by testing seawater samples they found that paint and varnish are the most prominent source of microplastics in the region's sea.
biodegradable glass

Smart biodegradable devices that vanish when they need to

Dr Chang-Soo Kim, Professor at Missouri University of Science and Technology, enlightens us on smart biodegradable devices that vanish when they need to
planting trees funding

£12 million funding for planting trees across England

Over a quarter of a million trees are to be planted across England in an urban greening project towards natural regeneration awarded as part of National Tree Week.
Seabird conservation food

Seabird conservation: following food from fishing boats

As seabirds’ food security is threatened by human activity, new research in Ireland has found that birds with tracking devices have been follow fishing vessels for food.
urban trees

Land surface temperatures heavily influenced by urban trees

A recent sudy in the Nature Communications Journal has shown the influential way urban trees continue to affect the surface temperature of European cities.
three-step framework

The three-step framework for biodiversity action

Scientists propose a three-step post-2020 framework for global biodiversity goals for governments to implement on a national level.

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