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Open Access Government October 2021

Open Access Government October 2021

The October 2021 Open Access Government is our largest online publication to date. The extraordinary coverage includes a multitude of policy issues worldwide, including mental health, COVID-19, health technology, research & innovation, international development, transport, environment and energy.
Autopsies: The dead serving the living

Autopsies: The dead serving the living

How forensic autopsies are not only used to determine a cause of death, but also to support medical research and development

Be a Cloud Continuum Competitor – STEP 2 in Business Success...

OGEL IT discuss the migration to Cloud services and how this has helped to level the playing field between SMEs and larger companies.
Department of biochemistry - Microbiology and Immunology

Foundations of Immunology and their Pertinence Medicine

Peter Bretscher at the University of Saskatchewan discusses his research in Immunology.

miRNA-based therapeutics to treat Glioblastoma at Johns Hopkins Medical Institute in...

Dr. Hernando Lopez-Bertoni discusses the development of innovative molecular therapeutics using miRNAs to treat high-grade brain tumours.

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