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Finance, foes and failure: The risks of neglecting data governance

Data governance is a buzzword that we hear thrown around a lot, especially since the implementation of GDPR back in 2018.
data analytics on a screen with glasses next to it

How can today’s higher education leaders more effectively utilise data analytics?

Data analytics could transform student experiences, but higher education institutions need to gather and efficiently measure information.
Corporate Governance Risk Ltd

Corporate Governance Risk

Adaptable software from Corporate Governance Risk, gives you confidence in decisions and actions through risk management.
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Governance in the not-for-profit sector

Erika Eliasson-Norris, Founder and CEO of Beyond Governance, discusses with her team governance in the not-for-profit sector.
data fabric

Recognising the human side of data fabric

Mike Ellis, Managing Director of Finworks, explains what data fabric is and what are its benefits to public organisations and data professionals.
digital and data, uk government

The UK government’s 2022 to 2025 Roadmap for Digital and Data

The government’s Roadmap to digital and data involves ambitions to transform digital public services, deliver world-class digital technology and systems, and attract digital talent.
data sharing

The changing landscape of primary care data sharing

NHS Digital’s Programme Head for GP Data, Eva Simmonds, discusses the benefits and challenges of health data sharing and looks to the future for the GP Data for Planning and Research programme.
effective governance

Training & consultancy in effective governance, risk & compliance

Michael Wuestefeld-Gray at WuDo Solutions discusses how to deliver effective governance for the public, private and charity sectors.

Finworks – Data management and workflow solutions

Finworks build software ‘with people, for people’ using their low-code data management and workflow platforms to achieve efficiencies and repeatability.
child cohort network

EU Child Cohort Network: Harmonised data of 250,000 children & parents

European federated infrastructure and harmonised data of 250,000 children and parents sum up the LifeCycle Project – EU Child Cohort Network
access to justice

Data-driven solutions to reverse decline in justice access

Lauren Kitz, Director of Engagement at the World Justice Project, argues that data-driven solutions are needed to reverse the pandemic-era decline in access to justice.
digital identity trends

Top 5 digital identity trends injecting trust back into governance

Here, Robert Zapfel iov42 Founder, outlines the top 5 digital identity trends that are injecting trust back into governance and enterprise
NHS structure, NHS

Why data security is pivotal to NHS structure

Stephen Allcock, Director, Public Sector UKI, explores why identity security is crucial to maintaining the integrity of data in the NHS.
Shielded Patient List

How data shielded our most vulnerable during the pandemic

Mark Reynolds, Chief Technology Officer at NHS Digital, talks about the unique challenges brought about by the pandemic, and how using data innovatively with the Shielded Patient List and Population Risk Assessment helped to identify and protect some of the most vulnerable in society.
quality data

Why organisations need to address data management

Chris Hyde, Global Head of Data Solutions at Validity, discusses how businesses can attain quality data to help further boost e-commerce and in-store sales success.
big data focus, university of waterloo

Big data: With great data comes great responsibility

Dr Florian Kerschbaum from the University of Waterloo, argues that with great data comes great responsibility in this big data focus.
data disruption

The ongoing data disruption of Brexit

Michael Schrezenmaier, Interim co-CEO & COO, Pipedrive, looks at the role of CRM to tackle the ongoing data disruption of Brexit.
GP data

Planning & research: The future with GP data

Dr Peter Short, Clinical Lead, GP Data at NHS Digital, describes planning & research when it comes to the future with GP data.
data-driven age

What can the public sector do to prosper in this new data-driven age?

Charles Southwood, Regional VP Northern Europe and MEA at Denodo, discusses how the pandemic has become a digital catalyst for the public sector and what organisations need to do to prosper in this new data-driven age.
data and analytics, SDG group

Leading the way into the ‘new normal’ using data and analytics

SDG Group is a global data and analytics consulting firm, offering in-depth expertise that empowers its clients’ strategies to become data-driven enterprises and bridges the gap between data and business decisions.

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