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Digital background depicting innovative technologies in (AI) artificial systems, neural interfaces and internet machine learning technologies

Human-centirc artificial intelligence: Frontier research and building industry capability

Chin-Teng Lin, Distinguished Professor from the University of Technology Sydney, Human-centric AI Centre, AAII, explores human-centric AI, focusing on frontier research & building industry capability.
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High-frequency trading through artificial intelligence for financial innovation

Professor Chien-Feng Huang, at the National University of Kaohsiung in Taiwan delves into high-frequency trading across Artificial Intelligence.

Robot evolution: Artificial intelligence by artificial evolution

The long-term vision of robot evolution foresees a radically new robotic technology where robots can reproduce, evolve, and learn.
extended reality

Artificial Intelligence test agents for automated testing of Extended Reality (XR)

Extended Reality (XR) is an umbrella term for advanced interactive systems such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), and systems with advanced 3D User Interfaces.
artist impression of AI tech

The hype around artificial intelligence

Gabriella Kereszturi, Senior Lecturer in Marketing at The University of Law Business School, walks us through the hype around artificial intelligence.
abstract image: Doctor and AI, individualized metabolomics

Managing chronic disease with individualized metabolomics & artificial intelligence

Christopher Gerner from the Joint Metabolome Facility at the University of Vienna, Austria, walks us through what we need to know about managing chronic disease by individualized metabolomics & artificial intelligence.
geospatial location technology used by governments

Artificial Intelligence in the UK

Professor Jon Crowcroft FRS FREng, co-founder of iKVA, Researcher at Large, at The Alan Turing Institute and Professor of Communication Systems at Cambridge University’s Computer Laboratory, provides his view on Artificial Intelligence in the UK.
Artificial Intelligence Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence implementation & cancer research

Dr Zisis Kozlakidis & Eduardo Mascarenhas turn the spotlight on Artificial Intelligence implementation and cancer research.
glue ear, Artificial Intelligence

Using artificial intelligence to diagnose ‘glue ear’ in children

Glue ear is a common cause of hearing impairment and disability amongst children. AI can improve accuracy of diagnosis and cut down annual NHS costs.
artificial intelligence in er

What should hospitals consider when using Artificial Intelligence in the ER?

Mary Hardcastle at RapidAI looks at the advancements in health tech, explaining what hospitals need to do to implement Artificial Intelligence in the ER.
approaches to ai, machine learning

Artificial Intelligence: approaches to AI to solve complex problems even without data

Here Jose M. Peña Director at Lurtis LTD explores the different approaches to AI problems beyond using Machine Learning.
Lurtis Rules – Artificial Intelligence driven Solutions

Lurtis Rules – Artificial Intelligence driven Solutions

Lurtis Rules designs, develops, and implements Artificial Intelligence technology into businesses in the fields of engineering and sciences.
industrial robots, artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence-based technology in industrial robots

Kensuke Harada from Graduate School of Engineering Science, Osaka University, provides an introduction to and analysis of a move towards artificial intelligence (AI)-based technology in industrial robots.
hydrogen revolution

Artificial intelligence to predict the future in the energy sector

It is increasingly important to be able to predict the conditions affecting the generation, distribution and consumption of energy. VTT EnergyTeller is lending a hand
Has COVID 19 increased our acceptance of the role of ’Artificial Intelligence’ in the office workplace?

COVID and ‘Artificial Intelligence’ in the workplace

Has COVID 19 increased our acceptance of the role of ’Artificial Intelligence’ in the office workplace? Placemaking discuss the notion...

Artificial Intelligence solutions for healthcare delivery

Chaith Kondragunta, CEO at AIRA Matrix Private Limited, details Artificial Intelligence-based solutions that can positively impact prostate cancer outcomes.
healthcare artificial intelligence

How do you scale Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Healthcare?

Sunny Dosanjh, Director lead for Deloitte’s Healthcare AI and Data team, explores the three key aspects in scaling AI in healthcare.
cancer screening, AI

Artificial intelligence & other cancer screening innovations

General Manager, Hologic UK and Ireland, keeps us up to speed with grasping the possibilities of AI and other innovations in cancer screening
BRAINE project, edge computing

BRAINE: Big data pRocessing and Artificial Intelligence at the Network Edge

The BRAINE project will help to position Europe at the forefront of the intelligent edge computing field.
diagnosing rare diseases, genomic

Study finds Artificial Intelligence 90% accurate in diagnosing rare diseases

A new study finds that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is 90% accurate at detecting disease causing variants in children with rare diseases.

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