Adapting to climate change & variability: Developing decision-relevant information

GERICS are helping to assess the impact of climate change in Germany in order to develop national and regional level climate adaptation and mitigation

Global climate change poses a number of different challenges in different countries and regions around the world. In Germany, the Climate Service Center (GERICS) is a fundamental part of the German High-Tech Strategy for climate protection.

In order to help provide decision-relevant information, GERICS brought together a wide range of scientific experts from across Germany to produce a report that would summarise the current state of knowledge with respect to climate change and impacts on Germany. The report is aimed at professionals from all disciplines from politics, business and administration, who are confronted with climate change in their activities.

In this ebook, Climate Service Center Germany outline key findings from the report, which incorporates knowledge from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Fifth Assessment Report (AR5). As well as summarising climate impacts, the various chapters also provide suggestions as to possible responses to the impacts.

GERICS also functions as an innovation hub for climate services in order to meet challenges and develop prototype products in the area of climate services. It also works in close cooperation with science and practice partners from politics, economy and administration, as this ebook outlines.


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