AG 003 | August 2014

Welcome to the August edition of AG. In this summer issue, we focus on an array of topics that are high on the agenda within government. Changes are afoot within the European Commission, with a new President confirmed for the next 5 years – Jean-Claude Junker.

The new President has pledged his support for economic growth in order to “kick Europe out of an unemployment crisis.” Throughout Europe, economic growth and development is a key area that has been debated by many experts and government officials.

In line with this, we commence with a Foreword from the President of the European Economic and Social Committee, Henri Malosse. Mr Malosse gives thought to how Europe must invest in the future, and invest in priority policies in order to have a direct impact on employment and boost growth and demand.

Elsewhere in the publication, we turn our attention to the marine industry. In a special focus, an article from Maria Damanaki, European Commission for Marine Affairs and Fisheries outlines the Blue Growth strategy. The importance of the industry is also highlighted in an article from the European Maritime Safety Agency.

The health and social care section takes a closer look at healthcare innovation. Vice-President of the European Commission Neelie Kroes, Commissioner for Digital Agenda discusses e-health and its benefits for efficiency in healthcare. Wound care innovation is another topic we shine the spotlight on, with contributions from the European Wound Management Association, and the Wound Healing Research Unit at Cardiff University.

Hot topics also in this edition include asset management, continuous improvement, volunteering, agriculture, carbon capture and storage, and cardiology.

In what seems to be a key year for Europe and its leaders, we do hope you enjoy the articles within, and as always welcome any thoughts you may have.


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