AG 007 | August 2015

Future challenges are always at the forefront of people’s minds, and although the future sounds far away, these challenges are closer than you might think.

There are a number of areas where these challenges are the most significant. This includes healthcare, the environment, the economy, and ICT. In this August edition of AG, consideration is given to a number of these challenges that face Europe.

One of the major solutions lies in the field of digital technology, which has the ability to revolutionise the way in which these challenges are overcome. Opening the publication, Commissioner for the Digital Society, Gunther. H. Oettinger, outlines the great opportunities digital services and technologies could bring to Europe.

We also give consideration to the ageing population in this summer edition. With populations growing throughout Europe and people living longer, we consider if health services and care providers are prepared. With articles from Francesca Colombo, of the OECD and Professor Carol Jagger, of Newcastle University, we find out the opportunities that an ageing population could bring, as well as the challenges.

In a special focus, we discuss how heritage and culture plays a vital role in society-in particular the impact of museums for local communities. The focus includes stimulating articles from Dr. Jet Bussemaker, Minister for Culture in the Netherlands, The Heritage Lottery Fund and Museum Galleries Scotland.

Another challenge we face is climate change. Innovative technologies are key for overcoming this. In a speech, Commissioner for Energy, Miguel Arias Canete outlines the role of innovative and environmentally-friendly technologies while Daniel Johns, of the Committee for Climate Change explains why 2015 is an important year for climate change action.

Other topics that we give consideration to include: science and research; electric vehicles; economic development of towns and cities; the EU Urban Agenda; and, Lean Six Sigma training.

We hope you find the August edition full of interesting and thought provoking articles, and as always welcome any feedback you may have.


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