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man with lower back pain in bed

Revolutionary pain relief cream and two-minute exercise to cure and prevent lower back pain

Dr Helene Bertrand has specialised in pain treatment after suffering from ongoing lower back pain for 37 years. Here in conversation with Open Access Government, Helene explores her lower back pain journey and the ways she has found to heal herself.
magic mushrooms are chemicals called psilocybin and psilocin, understanding the regulatory landscape for psychedelic drugs

The global regulatory landscape for psychedelic drugs

Jessica Riggleman, Owner of Raeco, LLC, examines the global regulatory landscape for psychedelic drugs, with a particular focus on Schedule I classification.
cool esthesia image - is a molecule that produces sensations of coolness

Cool Esthesia airway hygiene: Stop stuffiness, cough and clear phlegm

Cryosim is a molecule that produces sensations of coolness but does not affect tissue temperatures. It can be delivered as a liquid to the surfaces of the nasal cavity and throat with an immediate cooling effect.
cannais plants

Challenges bringing CB₂R medicine to bedside

Drug hunters explain how to overcome pitfalls on the way to CB2R medicine and therapeutics.
psychedelic treatments

Brain health conditions: Excellence in psychedelic treatments

Psychedelic treatments open up an unparalleled window of opportunity, but we need to get ready for their roll-out.

The fentanyl crisis: Death at the end of the rainbow

Chelsea Unkel, Ryan Hogans, & Pamela Lein from the University of California, Davis, analyse the fentanyl crisis responsible for increases in drug overdose across the US.

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