Asia Analysis – October 2019

In this edition of Asia Analysis, we learn how data linkage and sharing for healthy longevity together present a global challenge, from Prof Makoto Suematsu and Prof Victor J Dzau, Co-chairs of Global Future Council for Human Enhancement and Longevity at the World Economic Forum

Also, Hirai Takuya, Member of the House of Representatives and former Minister of State for Science and Technology Policy in Japan, shares his thoughts on The Moonshot Research and Development Program, that challenges research and development towards the future. I commend this article to you very highly.

Other Asia industry insights include the exciting innovations in renewable energy in Asia, placed under the spotlight here by Jack Terry from VHR Global Recruitment. In Asia, much progress has been made in renewable energy, with some of the highest amounts of investment around the world being placed into it. The author reveals that China holds almost a third of all renewable energy patents, indeed, it is the world’s largest producer and exporter of solar panels, batteries, wind turbines and electric vehicles.

We also look at how Hong Kong’s Elderly Health Service has an increasingly important role to play in improving primary healthcare of the elderly, with a special focus on recommended exercise as one of the many elements to promote healthy ageing in individuals.

Finally, I want to mention the high-profile piece we have from Mauro Petriccione, Directorate-General for Climate Action at the European Commission, who discusses how the European Union and Japan are cooperating on innovation in the clean energy transition and climate action.

I hope that you enjoy the intellectually stimulating and high-quality content throughout this publication and that you will stay with us for many more in the future.


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