Blockchain Innovation

Open Access Government explores industry innovation in this special blockchain supplement featuring contributors at the forefront of the technology

Welcome to the November edition of Open Access Government’s special Blockchain supplement. This special focus underlines the exciting world of Blockchain, with an array of exciting features around the subject from many prestigious contributors.

Blockchain technology is a very exciting area, as highlighted for example in an excellent article from the founder and co-founder of the Blockchain Federation, who both provide a fascinating glimpse into the future for a Blockchain-based purpose-economy.


In another feature, we discover that Blockchain in the world of insurance is constantly growing and therefore also has much potential, particularly in commercial lines, the reinsurance business and around intra-group transactions.

There is also a very compelling glimpse into Bitcoin – in a written piece by the European Commission’s Benoît Abeloos. In this intriguing article, we learn that the publication of the white paper, “Bitcoin: a peer to peer cash system” in October 2008 by the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto (a fake identity), will be seen in the history of technologies as a disruptive milestone.

I hope that you find this supplement thought-provoking. I would certainly welcome any comments you have on this edition, or for any in the future.


Jonathan Miles




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