Can cannabidiol treat Type 2 diabetes?

Delve into the story of Kevin Simpson, who used cannabidiol (CBD) to treat Type 2 diabetes

Kevin Simpson founded OilsBySimpson with the help of Filip Krag Knop, a clinical physician and research director.

It is becoming common knowledge that CBD is often being used to treat anxiety. From patients to doctors, the use of CBD is dominating experimental discussions about treatment for a variety of diseases and conditions.

Kevin Simpson, unlike the general entrepreneurs who see a bourgeoning market for CBD substances, is himself a patient who was cured via the use of CBD. He suffered from an intense social anxiety, which in turn led to the contraction of Type 2 diabetes. His research brought him to the concept of CBD oil for anxiety, which enabled him to freely participate in the world again. It effectively cured his social anxiety.

He then replaced his insulin with the use of CBD oil, with the blessing of his physician.

Did you know that 10% of the NHS annual budget goes towards Diabetes treatment? Or that an estimated 415 million people globally live with this disease? What if the use of CBD oil could replace the vastly more expensive necessity of insulin?

Kevin Simpson and Filip Krag Knop propose that a full clinical trial occurs on the use of CBD oil in relation to the management of different types of Diabetes, to fully flesh out the potentials of this new medication and possibly change the way that the world can treat Type 2 diabetes. These exciting proposals are directed to EU institutions and Member States, who are beginning serious clinical research into CBD on other diseases such as epilepsy.

To assess the exact diabetes-mitigating results of Kevin’s CBD oil use and what kind of medical journey he underwent, read more about it here.

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