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smart working

Could smart working change our urban landscapes?

Alison White of PLACEmaking considers why we should rethink our attitude to heritage buildings and if smart working can change our urban landscapes

Europe’s environment: The power of data and knowledge

Executive Director of the European Environment Agency (EEA), Hans Bruyninckx sheds light on the power of data and knowledge where Europe’s environment is concerned.
Commonwealth Games

Commonwealth Games 2022 brings ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’

The Commonwealth Games arriving in Birmingham will provide a ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’ according to the projects City Design & Conservation Manager
paper usage

UK businesses challenged to reduce their paper usage as environmental impact reaches all-time high

A new campaign has been launched to challenge businesses to reduce their paper usage, following recent research which found that a third of UK workers admit to printing out unnecessary paper documents every single day

Magmatic petrology and volcanology research

Olivier Bachmann, Professor of Volcanology and Magmatic Petrology at ETH Zürich tells us about the group’s fascinating research into magmatic petrology and volcanology
crop productivity

Water, temperature and crop productivity research

Prof Robert Aiken, research crop scientist at Northwest Research—Extension Center tells us about his fascinating research into water and temperature, including the extent to which they limit crop productivity.
green belt

Supporting the protection of the green belt in the UK

Paul Miner, Head of Strategic Plans and Devolution at the Campaign to Protect Rural England explains why the organisation strongly supports the green belt policy in the UK
blockchain resolution

Could blockchain provide a boost to post-Brexit farming?

University of Hull, School of Politics, Philosophy and International Studies, Graduate Student, Tom Jones, asks if blockchain technology might provide a boost to post-Brexit farming.

Revealed: England’s residential fly-tipping hotspots

Troubled by the notion that fly-tipping is on the rise, and in particular household waste, Sellhousefast.uk took to analysing the number of fly-tipping incidents on residential land across England, to determine which areas may be worst affected
water efficiency

Environment Agency calls for action on water efficiency

Rivers and wildlife could be left without sufficient water unless action is taken to reduce water use and wastage, according to an Environment Agency report
debris mitigation

Reigniting Europe’s leadership in debris mitigation efforts

Cenan Al-Ekabi, Research Fellow at the European Space Policy Institute (ESPI) explains the growing concern around orbital debris and the need to reignite Europe’s leadership efforts

Microbes and the rigour of space flight

William B. Miller, Jr., M.D. argues that without the planning to do so, we have launched microbial life from this planet
Clean Air Strategy

New Clean Air Strategy to be launched by Environment Secretary Michael Gove

Later today Environment Secretary Michael Gove will publish a Clean Air Strategy which aims to cut air pollution and save lives, backed up through new primary legislation
plastic use

Five tips for plastic use and sustainability in the laboratory

Inez Cornell, Marketing Manager at Radleys tells us her top tips for plastic use and sustainability in the laboratory

Multiverse theories in physics from the vantage point of philosophy

Dr Simon Friederich from University College Groningen sheds light on multiverse theories in physics from the perspective of philosophy

A robotic spy among bees

European researchers are developing little robots able to interact with animal societies such as bees. They believe that creating mixed societies of animals and robots can protect endangered species and the environment
greener economy

24 million jobs to open up by 2030 to support a greener economy

A report produced by the ILO flagship, suggests that 24 million jobs will be created globally by 2030 as we move towards a greener economy.
smart water meters

Smart water meters increasingly employ cellular communication solutions to harness the power of IoT

Smart meters' ability to reduce non-revenue water losses and improve billing accuracy attracts investments, finds Frost & Sullivan

Transformative research on Cowpea: Innovative trap crop development and deployment

Louis E. N Jackai and Beatrice N. Dingha from the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Design at North Carolina A&T State University discuss their transformative research on Cowpea for increased and sustained production and use in the USA
agricultural problems

Finding new solutions to agricultural problems in the U.S.

Open Access Government looks at the work of the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) in finding new solutions to agricultural problems in the United States

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