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Economic Development It’s about place making

For those involved at a strategic level in economic development, place making as a tool is not new but its time is certainly now...
Unlocking SME trade competitiveness

Unlocking SME trade competitiveness

Rajesh Aggarwal, Acting Director in the Division of Business and Institutional Support at the International Trade Centre (ITC) provides insight into the role of...
Government efficiency programmes saved £14.3bn

Government efficiency programmes saved £14.3bn

Efficiency and reform programmes set up by the government has saved a significant amount of taxpayer money last year, according to latest reports. Efficiency and...

A portfolio for savings

A supporter of the Crown Commercial Service EPS framework. GVA is one of the leading providers of estates professional services to Central Government and the...

Smart specialisation in the South West

Driving significant economic growth Cities and the wider economies they influence are engines of growth critical to economic performance and national recovery in the current...

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