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In our Government News category, you will find a wide variety of government issues both big and small. 

You can find information on big issues such as global immigration and human rights issues along with Brexit news, negotiations and updates. This section also covers Local governments and their digital transformation along with the popular issues of period poverty and the process of acknowledging this problem.

How and what AID is provided by the UK across the world is another topic covered in detail in this category. Additionally, you can also find regular commentary from legal professionals on changing and adapting laws in the UK. We regularly cover government updates on the implementation of crime legislation and the UK housing landscape.

britain's courthouses, courtroom

Only 2% of Britain’s courthouses are fully accessible

In April 2020, the EHRC found that people with disabilities may struggle with pandemic adjustments to legal proceedings - but just how accessible were Britain's courthouses, before COVID-19?
public sector in 2021

Key trends for the public sector in 2021

Peter Ford, Public Sector Industry Principal at Pegasystems, explores some of the top trends for the public sector in 2021 which include chatbots, intelligent automation and citizen data scientists.
tech giants, misinformation

Tech giants froze President Trump’s accounts as extremists broke into Senate

Twitter and Facebook froze President Donald Trump's accounts to discourage the extremists who broke into the Capitol Building - but was it too little, too late?
new lockdown

Government allocates £4.6 billion in new lockdown grants to support businesses

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has announced that businesses in the retail, hospitality and leisure sectors are to receive a one-off grant worth up to £9,000 amid third UK lockdown.
tier 4 restrictions, south east

UK brings in Tier 4 restrictions for South East and London

As of midnight tonight (20 December), London and the South East will enter strict Tier 4 restrictions - which includes no household mixing over Christmas, and no commuting to work.
government communications

Government communications: Listening to the hardest to reach people

Nadine Smith, UK Director, Centre for Public Impact, explores why the Government must learn to listen to the communities they so desperately want to share public health information with.
cities in europe

The future of cities in Europe

Here, Open Access Government considers the future of cities in Europe, including the opinions of Anna Lisa Boni, Secretary-General, Eurocities.
recovery, public sector

How data can unlock a Government-led pandemic recovery

Natalie Taylor, MD Public Sector at Foundry4, explores how UK Government can use data as a tool to recover economically from the COVID-19 pandemic.
unethical practice

Why businesses need to use 2021 to draw a line under unethical practice

Philip Turvey, executive director at Anglia Research, outlines why businesses need to use the return to normality as an opportunity to draw a line under unethical practice in 2021.
civil society

Shaping of post-COVID-19 EU: Only with organised civil society!

Christa Schweng, President, European Economic and Social Committee details the shaping of post-COVID-19 EU and argues that this is only possible with an organised civil society.
political vision, progressive state leadership

Progressive state leadership: A political vision of sustainable development

Here Professor Richard Beardsworth, University of Leeds, continues his series on progressive state leadership by suggesting how it can spearhead the political vision of sustainable development.
a british european partnership, bartlett

Towards a British-European partnership on a circular economy

The United Kingdom is about to leave the EU – but there are opportunities to rebuild a strong partnership around a more circular economy, states Professor Raimund Bleischwitz, Director of UCL Bartlett School of Environment, Energy and Resources.
Politics and COVID-19

Politics and COVID-19: A third chance for European solidarity

László Andor, Secretary General of the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS) and former Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion (2010-2014), argues that we now have a third chance for European solidarity in this politics COVID-19 focus.
green book refresh, local authorities

Achieving the ‘levelling up’ agenda needs to go beyond a Green Book refresh 

Infrastructure in the developed world is creaking – we estimate that over $4.6 trillion of spend is required by 2035 to keep pace with needs, and a Green Book refresh won't do it.
police militarisation, black lives matter

Research shows that police militarisation does not reduce crime

In the 2020 summer of Black Lives Matter protests, police militarisation was everywhere, with tanks rolling in the streets, officers dressed in full combat gear and armed with automatic weaponry - the question is, does it help to control crime?
SME research, defence science

Dstl signals bright future for SME research in defence and security

Rob Solly, Division Head, Defence and Security Analysis, tells us how the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) signals a bright future for SME research in defence and security.
data use in government

Data use in government: Where we’re going next

Sue Bateman, Deputy Director for Data and Innovation at the Government Digital Service (GDS), explores data use in government and in this vein, where we’re going next.
social media trends

2021 social media trends for government and public sector

Joanne Sweeney, Chief Executive Officer of Public Sector Marketing Institute, shares the top three social media trends for 2021 that relate to government and public sector specifically.
uk digital transformation

Is Government the winner of the UK digital transformation race?

Digital and Technology Services Director at Opencast Software Jason Kay gives us an insight into UK digital transformation, and how the Government is paving the way for sustainable and effective digitisation.

The UK’s plans to boldly become a global leader in space

Graham Turnock, CEO, UK Space Agency charts the UK’s plans to boldly become a global leader in space.

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