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health epidemic

UK health epidemic: The benefits of exercise for your mental health

Mental Health Advocate and Medical Doctor, Charlie Easmon explains why he thinks the UK is close to a health epidemic, made worse by COVID-19, and discusses the benefits that taking up exercise has for your mental health.
approach to health and wellbeing

Has COVID-19 changed our approach to health and wellbeing?

Dr Arianna Di Stadio, neuroscientist and co-founder of Hello Pure, explores whether our approach to health and wellbeing has been altered in light of the coronavirus pandemic.
vision loss

Understanding the connection between vision loss and mental health

Victoria Johnson from Vision Loss Rehabilitation Canada sheds light on the connection between vision loss and mental health.
your mental health

How can technology help your mental health?

David Brudö, CEO of digital platform Remente, explains how COVID-19 has accelerated the need for technology to proactively address the mental health crisis.
‘I’m In’ campaign, Leeds City College

Leeds City College ‘I’m In’ campaign supports students and staff in lockdown

As part of the ‘I’m In’ campaign, Leeds City College have put in place a number of stimulating activities and resources to provide mental health support to students and staff during the COVID-19 lockdown.
covid-19 lockdown, news

How to beat the COVID-19 lockdown blues

Lucy Victoria Desai, copywriter at Fulton Umbrellas, here discusses ways to fight the COVID-19 lockdown blues.
quarantine burnout

How can your employees avoid quarantine burnout?

Alexandra Anders, Talent Director at Cornerstone OnDemand, shares tips on how employees and organisations can spot the signs of quarantine burnout and how to avoid it.
new normal life

Mental health should be a priority as we adjust to a new normal life

To commemorate Mental Health Awareness Week, Open Access Government spoke to six technology experts to hear their advice on how organisations should be tackling mental health as we embrace a new normal life.
mental strain

Easing physical and mental strain in the workplace

Caroline Payne, Head of Customer Advisory, Public Sector at SAS UK & Ireland, discusses how workforce analytics can be applied to help improve physical and mental strain in the workplace.
look after your mental health

How to look after your mental health during the coronavirus lockdown

Dr Arianna Di Stadio, neuroscientist and co-founder of Hello Pure, offers advice on how to look after your mental health during the coronavirus lockdown by taking a number of different approaches.
improve your sleep

Improve your sleep with 4 simple steps

Natalie Quinn Walker, Blended Learning Tutor (Healthcare Management Programme) at Arden University, talks us through the four-step programme to improve your sleep.
mental health-related absence

Tackling mental health-related absence in the workplace

Ian Caminsky, Chief Executive Officer at FirstCare, discusses how data can be used to tackle the rising epidemic of mental health-related absence in the workplace.
wellbeing in the workplace

The Lord Mayor’s Appeal: Wellbeing in the Workplace

Francesca Baker, Marketing & Communications, The Lord Mayor’s Appeal, discusses the work of the Wellbeing in the Workplace online learning programme, developed by the Lord Mayor's Appeal.
dealing with COVID-19

Public mental health: A key factor in dealing with COVID-19

Here, a group of seasoned experts discusses the important role of prevention and reduction of mental stress in the general population and in sensitive groups in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.
coping with grief

Coping with grief during the COVID-19 pandemic

Katie Myers from UKS Mobility shares advice on coping with grief and how care home workers can spot the signs during the COVID-19 pandemic.
staff wellbeing

How your business can promote staff wellbeing during COVID-19

Mark Williams, co-founder of mind and body fitness app REVOOLA, discusses how businesses can play an important role in promoting staff wellbeing during COVID-19.
COVID-19 anxiety

Mindfulness can help key workers cope with COVID-19 anxiety

Colin Adams, qualified life coach and director at Henley Training, gives his top tips on how to approach mindfulness as a key worker in order to cope with COVID-19 anxiety.
avoid burnout

How to avoid burnout as a key worker

Jade Mansfield, The Worsley Centre, offers some top tips on how keyworkers can avoid burnout during these challenging times.
surviving COVID-19

A guide to surviving COVID-19: Mental health and wellbeing

Hayley Broughton-McKinna, senior trainer at PMAC - mental health training and wellbeing professionals, offers advice on how to cope with other aspects of COVID-19 such as mental health and wellbeing.
personal wellbeing

How can leaders protect their personal wellbeing during a crisis?

Ruth Farenga, managing director of Mindful Pathway, explores how leaders can look after their personal wellbeing and effectively manage stress during uncertain times.

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