GERICS Climate Outlook at county level

Diana Rechid, Sebastian Bathiany and Susanne Pfeifer, assess the future climatic changes in Germany at county level, in the GERICS Climate Outlook report

Global mean near-surface air temperatures have increased by 1.59 degrees over continents since the beginning of industrialisation. In the latest IPCC report, statistics state that global temperatures continue to rise, reaching between 1.4 – 4.4 degrees by the end of the 21st century.

The figures have raised concerns and left many questions unanswered.

What does this mean for specific regions in Germany? What temperature changes do we need to prepare for and how often will extreme temperatures occur? Will hot spells be even more severe? Will water availability be affected and how often should we expect heavy participation?

Here, GERICS provides all the answers in its recently published Climate Outlook documents. It evaluates the projected changes for 17 different climate parameters for each of the 401 German counties, districts, independent cities and regions. The parameters include the number of hot days, the number of dry days, days with heavy precipitation, water balance, mean annual wind speed, sultriness days and more.

The results outlined in the document provide citizens and decision-makers in business and politics with the information they require to plan for the long-term, specifically by individual region. It highlights which climate changes we should prepare for and what can be avoided under climate policies.

Look no further for an insightful guide to county climate change.

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