Ahmed Samir Abdelhafiz

    Lecturer of Clinical Pathology
    National Cancer Institute, Cairo University

    Dr Abdelhafiz is currently a lecturer of Clinical Pathology at the Egyptian NCI, where he works as the Deputy director of the blood bank, as well as a hematology consultant at Shefa Al-Orman oncology hospital

    Dr Ahmed Samir Abdelhafiz is a graduate from the Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University. He then received his Master’s degree in Clinical Pathology (laboratory medicine) from the same University, and his PhD from the National Cancer Institute (NCI), Cairo University in 2019.

    His major interest is hematological malignancies, with a special focus on leukemia. He also has a special interest in the biobanking field, where he has published several articles.

    During the current COVID-19 pandemic, he contributed to several key national research projects on the immunological aspects of the disease as well as the public health effects of the pandemic.