Bramley J Murton

    Associate Head of Marine Geosciences
    National Oceanography Centre

    Professor Bramley J Murton is the Associate Head of Marine Geosciences from National Oceanography Centre

    I am Associate Head of Marine Geosciences and lead the NOC Marine Mineral Research team. My expertise is in oceanic crust and the formation of mineral deposits including volcanic and tectonic processes, hydrothermal circulation and metalliferous mineralisation.

    I use and develop a combination of technologies including remote and autonomous underwater vehicles, seafloor geophysics, geology, petrology and geochemistry to investige sub-oceanic mantle melting, volcanic activity and the formation and fate of seafloor mineral deposits. I currently lead a NERC funded project on the formation of seafloor Fe-Mn crusts (MarineE-tech); and am a prinicpal investigator on the EU funded project on the prospectivity of seafloor massive sulphide deposits as metal-rich resources (Blue Mining).