Dr Elizabeth Robertson

    Director of Research
    Diabetes UK

    Dr Elizabeth Johnson is Director of Research and joined Diabetes UK in April 2016

    Elizabeth is responsible for ensuring Diabetes UK is driving forward understanding, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diabetes, through investing in the best research minds and projects.

    Before joining Diabetes UK, Elizabeth was the first Director of Research for Breast Cancer Now, formed from the merger of Breakthrough Breast Cancer and Breast Cancer Campaign in April 2015.

    Prior to the merger, she was the Director of Research, Policy and Information at Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

    Previous roles include Director of Operations at Cancer Research UK, Dean of the Graduate Research School at Teesside University and Post-doctoral Research Associate in the Department of Biology at York University.

    Elizabeth completed her PhD at Queen Mary, University of London and Sloan Masters in Leadership and Strategy from London Business School in 2014.

    Elizabeth is a Trustee of King’s College Hospital Charity and a former Trustee of the national volunteering charity, TimeBank.