Dr Hanna Kinsella

    Owner and Principal Dentist
    Kiln Lane Dental

    Dr Hanna Kinsella is the owner and Principal Dentist of Kiln Lane Dental

    With a significant passion for her patient’s health and wellbeing Dr Kinsella is an expert in prosthodontics, cosmetic dental treatments such as invisalign, composite bonding and veneers and non-surgical aesthetics.

    Dr Kinsella’s modern cosmetic style has earned a legion of loyal fans both at her clinic and online, where her signature results are an Instagram favourite. Dr Kinsella has attracted a who’s-who of celebrity clients while becoming the media’s first-choice voice on dental issues.

    Dr Kinsella also has her own tooth whitening brand, Icy Bear, which has already garnered a positive response from the media since its recent launch and is the first safe and regulated whitening toothpaste that includes diamond dust that is used in dentistry to polish the teeth alongside well known (and safe) whitening agents as well.