Lorraine Dodd

    Bioss International Strategic Partner
    Bioss International

    Lorraine is a highly respected international contributor to Defence studies in Command, Control, Intelligence and Information analysis and research

    She majors in Artificial Intelligence, Choice-making, Decision Systems Design and Complex Dynamics. Her main interest is subjective sensing, sense-making, decision-making and the study of information, organizations, society, people and governance under conditions of complexity. She uses analogy with complex cellular functions to develop mathematical models of behaviour and influence activity. Her most recent study is to build a cognitive Explainable AI agent for use in specialist training; other studies include an application of a multi-perspective approach to complex adaptive systems; also, development of decision assessment approaches for multi-agency structures. She has co-developed an “open-eyes/open-mind” framework to provide support to strategic leaders when dealing with avoidance of strategic surprise and ‘black swan’ events. She has strong links and collaborations with specialists across UK Government and Defence, also in Australia via DSTO and academics worldwide working in AI, complex adaptive decision systems, C2 and organisational agility and information systems resilience studies. Her collaborations include Dstl, DE&S, QinetiQ, Charity Commission and Bank of England.

    Lorraine has developed a deep understanding of the non-linear dynamics of behaviour; in particular, to advise on ways and means of organising for resilience, sustainability and agility in complex and uncertain AI and cyber risk-based environments. She has published extensively in journals and books.