Hélène Bertrand

    University of British Columbia

    Family practitioner, 1965 graduate of McGill medical school. Practice restricted to breast-feeding 1973 – 1983 paper on mastitis in CMAJ, on breast abscess Canadian family physician. Practice restricted to treating pain since 2010. Published a paper on using dextrose prolotherapy to treat rotator cuff tendinopathy in PM & R. Developed a mannitol containing cream to relieve pain (www.qrcream.com) published its effect on down regulating the capsaicin receptor in PM & R. Also showed it relieved the pain of postherpetic neuralgia (Masters thesis, Tess Debelle).

    Currently comparing it to a cream containing mannitol in a double-blind, randomized study to calm the pain of diabetic peripheral neuropathy. (www.painful-diabetic-feet.com). PI Dr. François Louw. I have discovered a new way to examine and treat patients with low back pain (LBP) from sacroiliac malalignment, the sacroiliac forward flexion test (SIFFT). Published a randomized controlled study to assess this effect over a 2 month period. The SIFFT indicates the direction and extent of sacroiliac joint displacement and this guides the two-minute corrective exercise. 90% of those with sacroiliac joint displacement found LBP relief after this corrective exercise. Working on a pilot project using topical 30% mannitol to relieve the itch and the lesions of plaque psoriasis. Codirector, with Marylene Kyriazis Pharm.D., of MaryHelene Enterprises Inc., distributing QR quick relief pain cream.