Ilana Seidel Horn

    Professor of Mathematics Education
    Vanderbilt University Peabody College

    Ilana Seidel Horn is a Professor of Mathematics Education at Vanderbilt University Peabody College, Nashville, TN, where she heads the Teacher Learning Lab

    Professor Horn’s work lies at the intersection of several disciplines: mathematics education, the sociology of schooling, and learning sciences. She uses sociolinguistics and interpretive methods to examine secondary mathematics teachers’ learning in the contexts of their workplace, yielding images of teachers’ learning and practice that account for the institutional setting of schools and the pressures of policy. By understanding teachers’ learning in the workplace, her research highlights ways to make teacher education and professional development usable and relevant to practising educators.

    Professor Horn has won a number of awards for her research, which has been funded by the American Educational Research Association, National Science Foundation, the Carnegie Foundation, and the Spencer Foundation. She has authored two books for teachers, Strength in Numbers (2012) and Motivated (2017). She earned her bachelor’s degree in mathematics at Swarthmore College, and her doctorate in mathematics education at University of California Berkeley.