Joanne Sweeney

    Consultant and Trainer
    Public Sector Marketing Institute

    Joanne Sweeney is a two-time author, founder of the Public Sector Marketing Institute and host of the Public Sector Marketing Show podcast

    Specialising in social media and digital marketing communications for government, public sector and NGOs, Joanne’s books are used by police forces, universities, governments and public sector bodies across the world to instruct them how to communicate in the Digital Age.

    Her latest book Public Sector Marketing Pro was named in the best new PR Books of 2020 by Book Authority and was a finalist in the 2002 British Book Awards for Best International Business Book.

    She has also developed her own suite of online certified training programmes.

    Joanne is also a trainer and consultant and works directly with government agencies across the world. Most recently with national and local Government in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. She is the preferred social media trainer for the EPP Group in the European Parliament who have 181 MEPs from across 27 member states. She is also a trainer for Google.

    She holds 11 academic and professional qualifications including a Master’s Degree in Journalism and a Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing.

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