Michael Schrader

    Full Professor, Chair in Cell Biology and Cytopathology
    University of Exeter

    Michael Schrader, Dept. of Biosciences, University of Exeter, UK

    I am a molecular cell biologist interested in the biogenesis and dynamics of cellular compartments (organelles) in mammalian cells. My research is discovery-based and at the interface of modern cell biology and biomedicine.

    It focuses on fundamental molecular mechanisms that mediate and regulate organelle biogenesis and function, organelle membrane dynamics, organelle cooperation and communication, with particular interest in peroxisomes. The investigation of peroxisomes has become an exciting field in cell biology and biomedical sciences because of its impact on cellular function, development and physiology. Current interdisciplinary research combines cell and molecular biology, biochemistry, bioimaging, bioinformatics, biophysics and cell physiology. Our goal is to understand how the above processes influence human health and disease.