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Crown Workforce Management – Transforming the Workplace

For 30 years Crown Workforce Management have partnered with organisations just like yours to help them manage their employee’s time efficiently to create engaged, motivated and highly productive workforces

Crown Computing is the UK’s leading supplier of Workforce Management solutions to medium-to-large organisations in both private and public sectors.

Our experience in Time & AttendanceScheduling & Rostering and the broader aspects of Workforce Management is exceptional and this is reflected in our client base, which includes major organisations such as Houses of Parliament, Greater Manchester Police, Wyre Council, Lancashire Constabulary, Scottish Prison Service, Nottinghamshire Police and  Western Isles Council.

Our mission is to provide our customers with the very best systems to optimise the investment they make in their workforce. With our help, customers will identify areas where improvements are required and where costs can be saved resulting in improved service levels, reduced labour costs and success in the market place.

Workforce Management Solutions

Crown provides a leading WFM (Workforce Management) Solution offering advanced HR, Time and Attendance, Workforce Scheduling, Activity Management and Workforce Analytics capabilities. It has proved to significantly improve the management of workplace attendance, absence, overtime and disciplinary procedures.

Crown’s WFM (Workforce Management Suite) has been designed for HR, Finance and Operations managers to reduce the burden of people management whilst driving down costs. It can be tailored to any organisations requirements and work rules and interfaces with existing systems to ensure seamless dissemination of time and attendance information.

Attendance, Absence & Flexitime

Crown Time and Attendance captures information relating to employee attendance in real-time. It has been proved to considerably reduce the administrative burden involved in managing absence and attendance.

Workforce scheduling

Crown Workforce Scheduling has been designed to make the task of staff planning in a multi-skilled environment easier by providing roster planners with a graphical decision support tool that helps simplify the process.

Crown HR

Crown HR is a fully integrated HR solution that forms a fundamental part of the Crown Workforce Management suite.

Crown Analytics

Crown Analytics will extract, transform and load data enabling the user to create dynamic & informative dashboards. It is designed to empower managers to unlock valuable actionable information for smarter decision making.

Activity Management

Crown Activity Management allows you to gain a true picture of each person’s work activities throughout the working day, enabling you to effectively cost and manage what they’re doing. Activities are user-definable and can be measured at levels to suit your organisation; including departments, costs centres, jobs, projects, contracts or customers.

WFM in the Cloud

By taking your workforce management to the Cloud, you remove the need for much of your cumbersome IT infrastructure (and the Capex costs that come with it). If you want extra capacity, it’s simply there at the click of a mouse. Keep it as long as you need it, switch it off when you don’t. No extra expense. No wasted capacity. No unpredictability. With the Cloud, you replace ‘just in case’ with ‘just in time’.


Crown Roster is perfect for organisations that require ultimate flexibility and budgetary control, as well as the ability to adapt seamlessly to today’s volatile staffing landscape.


Every organisation needs processes to deal with employee management. For example, sickness, return to work, skill renewal etc. These processes have a sequence of tasks attached to them that have to be performed.

Time Accounting

Crown Time Accounting has been designed to allow organisations to account for labour time and also invoice or cross charge the costs.


Within Crown Manager, a comprehensive range of reports can be created from employees Time & Attendance data.

Access Control

Access control is necessary to protect the workplace from unauthorised entry. Crown’s Access Control can be used to protect your people, your workplace, enforce health and safety procedures or prevent casual theft.


For staff that cannot register their arrival or departure using the web or conventional Timeclocks, the Telephone is an ideal substitute. Telephones are freely available, easy to use and staff of all pay grades are comfortable using them.

Crown Manager

Crown Manager offers a web-based solution for organisations that require the flexibility to allow employees and administrators to have access whenever required.

Duty Management

The UK’s leading Duty Management System for the Emergency Services. By improving the information available to Planners and by automating much of the Duty Planning process, information can be moved around and be accessed quickly helping the frontline services.



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