Solving all your Cyber Security issues

Here, EHJ & SJ Consultancy discuss the convergence of the Digital Transformation Era with Cyber Security issues

With cyber espionage making regular headlines, the need for genuinely efficient online security has never been clearer. E-commerce payments have never been as highly utilised as they are right now, during the burgeoning age of digital access to goods, and particularly during this moment of global pandemic. For a regular business owner, the landscape is daunting. How can you stop malicious actors profiting from your web platform?

To understand who to trust, we must turn to those who have proven themselves capable of solving Cyber Security issues in the contemporary world of business.

EHJ & SJ Consultancy are the experts who have been involved in working with clients who have Enterprise IT systems, spanning geographically and consisting of privately owned Data Centres combined with hybrid Cloud estates. They are the ones who will provide a full consultation on what your platform needs, and how it currently stands.

Here, they discuss how their work with CISOs, CTOs, CFOs, and COOs has enabled boards to endure appropriate budget allocation for specialist resources – making sure that the highest levels of leadership understand the crucial necessity of security as an immediate fiscal priority.

To really understand how they can transform an already complex online platform into a secure platform, they discuss their work with one business in the UK. This client had multiple third parties as vendors on their site, involving a nuanced and intricate series of financial transactions. How did EHJ & SJ Consultancy manage to turn this into a highly-secure operation?

To know this story and learn about crucial Cyber Security needs for the world we find ourselves in, look no further.


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