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Finworks – Data management and workflow solutions

Finworks build software ‘with people, for people’ using their low-code data management and workflow platforms to achieve efficiencies and repeatability

At Finworks, we have dedicated our efforts to becoming experts in the areas of data and workflow technology, providing exceptional software and service for over 20 years. Finworks provides enterprise-grade platforms to transform the way organisations work, serving a diverse client base that includes central government ministerial departments, central banking, healthcare and pharma.

Digital Transformation for improved workflow

Data Management

The Finworks Data Platform is the next generation data management for public and private organisations. At its core is robust architecture and functionality that enables the standardisation of data management leading to enhanced data clarity, control and quality. The Finworks Data Platform is built upon a rich set of data management capabilities that reduces repetitive tasks through automation and increases transparency and consistency.

Key Features

Finworks Data Platform ensures your data is fit and ready to use when and where it is needed and in the correct form for onward consumption. Our data management platform allows the acquisition of a wide range of data sources and validates the data to make it accessible. Data is traced end to end, and quality is optimised so it is fit for purpose. Features include:

  • Data discovery – A standardised and automatic analysis of data to create metadata
  • Data validation – A multi-step process to review your data content against data type, against code lists or against thresholds.
  • Data monitoring – Data oversight through the check of data files or inputs against data validation rules and quality control rules.
  • Data cleansing – The process of correcting data within a dataset to meet standards for completeness, timeliness, consistency and uniqueness.
  • Data enrichment – Existing information is enhanced by supplementing missing or incomplete data.
  • Data workflow – Data workflows can link together the processes of data provision, capture, cleaning (cleansing), enrichment, and publications.
  • Scheduling – Scheduling functionality automates data feeds and downstream data processing allowing time to be prioritised on data quality governance and data analysis.
  • Security – Secure access to both metadata and data through full role-based permission control with full audit and traceability
  • Interfaces– Data interfaces for data consumption via A2A and different BI, Data Science and other end user tools


Finworks allows users to make use of what they discover about their data by increasing their exposure to new and different approaches that might help them to identify efficiencies, improve processes and automate workflows. The Finworks Data Platform provides the tools needed to turn your data in to your most valuable asset, but to do so reliably and cost effectively. Benefits include:

  • The assurance that data reported is accurate and validated from one or more qualified sources
  • Allows easy access to data with full auditability and traceability.
  • The entire data pipeline is automated enabling DataOps to provide extremely high data quality
  • Repeatability at scale with full monitoring and auditability such that human effort is more optimally spent on creating greater insights
  • Allows real time data modelling from multiple information providers to facilitate an effective data asset management strategy to extract the maximum value from data assets
  • Costs are kept low as the scalable environment is fully configurable reducing the need for specialist skills to implement

Workflow Management

The Finworks Workflow Management Platform is being used by public institutions as a workflow management and case management system which automates their business processes and creates efficiencies throughout the organization. The platform provides software-managed processes that route and direct information flows, responsibilities and collaboration channels for the most efficient use of resources. Our highly experienced team is skilled at implementing mission-critical deployments.

Key Features

The Finworks Workflow Management Platform includes easy to use, technologically advanced features that meet the wish list of our current customers. The platform aligns with the features needed to meet future workflow challenges including:

  • Configurable Design: A no-code or low-code workflow user interface (UI)
  • Attribute Building Blocks: Attributes or fields make up the records that move through workflow.
  • Flexible Record Creation: The platform allows the designing of records that match forms or documents in the manual processes through the attribute building blocks.
  • Notifications: Users can receive notifications when the workflow moves the next step in the process.
  • Collaboration: Workflow can continue through multiple business units or encompass multiple organisations.
  • Easy Integration: The ability to integrate with other software solutions to take in data and feed data downstream.


The Finworks Workflow Management Platform allows teams to see processes in real time, showing the current workload and highlighting bottlenecks. The structure and automation ensure compliance and automation, resulting measurable time savings. The efficient processes lower risks and result in significant cost savings. The platform:

  • Solves communication breakdowns and creates improved collaboration
  • Shows real-time workload and highlights blocks to completing tasks
  • Supports compliance and risk reduction activities
  • Lowers costs by standardising task and data flow in a more efficient manner
  • Provides a powerful audit trail
  • Empowers employees to focus on higher-value work
  • Optimises data auditing, access, and monitoring

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