Institute of Clinical Research, University of Southern Denmark

‘Nuclear Medicine Research’ digital e-book

“We had a visit by our Prime Minister, Helle Thorning-Schmidt  and Minister of Health, Nick Hækkerup,  who arrived for an ultra-short visit of our Hospital to see how cancer patients are received at our Emergency Department and hear about “AgeCare”.

“Instead of delivering a page or two written in black and white I could submit our e-book “Nuclear Medicine in Denmark” which was made electronically available to present, and I could refer to it in my presentation,  proudly knowing that those principles and important views that I couldn’t cover was nicely and professionally presented in the e-book. 

Because of this event and the usefulness of the e-book for an occasion like this we ended being interested in an extension of our collaboration with Adjacent in the shape of a second e-book presenting some of the best recent research in Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, which in addition can be followed-up by editorials and May and August 2015.

So, in short, we did benefit from the e-book and the very swift and professional work you deliver, and we are looking forward to the continued collaboration.

Poul F. Høilund-Carlsen, MD, DMSci, Professor, Head of Research, Dept. of Nuclear Medicine, Odense University Hospital, Institute of Clinical Research, University of Southern Denmark


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