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Two businessmen in government sat round laptop discussing real time data on screen

Why government must heed real-time data management trends

Real-time data is the lynchpin for any progressive government, enabling it to improve efficiency, enhance operations and communications, provide improved services for citizens, uncover fraud and lower the risk of cyberattacks.
Stethoscope and crystal globe on green background, representing sustainable healthcare

Sustainability in healthcare: The Nordic experience

Diego Angelino, Hjalmar Bardh Olsson & Daniel Eriksson from the TEM Foundation, reveal the Nordic experience when it comes to sustainability in healthcare.
Stethoscope on digital tablet on x-ray images

Digital healthcare adoption requires better security

Though the UK public is taking the right step in embracing digital healthcare, more trust is needed in the security of digital services.
High-technology used in AI medical equipment for healthcare

What are the pros and cons of implementing AI in healthcare?

AI in healthcare covers a wide range of assistance to health systems and workers, but what are the specific benefits and downfalls of its adoption?
privatisation of healthcare, outsourcing

Privatisation of healthcare leads to worse quality of care

Health outsourcing has been found to be linked to higher mortality rates, as privatisation of healthcare worsens healthcare services.
digital healthcare, nhs

Digital healthcare in the NHS expands with £150 million in government funding

Supporting social care, the government have invested £150 million over the next 3 years to enable digital healthcare transformation, ranging from virtual wards to vaccine records on phones.

Interoperability and integration to future proof healthcare

How VitalHub UK is leading the way in supporting the way to become fully interoperable through digital transformation.
Cancer Early Detection

A new generation of testing for cancer: tools for navigating data in clinical decision...

Utilising early cancer detection: Are we getting the most out of first order tests for symptomatic cancer patients?
mental healthcare

Is large-scale systemic change viable in mental healthcare?

Dr Sophie Dix and Nicola Hemmings discuss the potential for large-scale change in mental healthcare & why its needed.

Do you have the agility and data visibility you need to properly plan for...

After a decade of financial instability, the COVID-19 pandemic, and a period of rising demand for services, robust financial planning and data visibility is more important to the public sector than ever.
health worker shortage, healthcare

Global health worker shortage could deny millions of people healthcare

Over 43 million additional health workers are needed to cover the health worker shortage globally, due to political unrest, violence, and lack of training.
AI solutions

WSK Medical: Changing healthcare by leveraging innovative AI solutions

Using AI solutions to assist clinicians and doctors in the quest for early cancer detection through software.
healthcare costs, pfizer vaccine

$70 billion in US healthcare costs saved by Pfizer vaccine rollout

The Pfizer vaccine saved up to $40 billion in healthcare costs and over 110,000 lives, in just one year of being rolled out to the US population.
predictive genomics, healthcare systems

Can predictive genomics make our healthcare systems more sustainable?

Dr Zisis Kozlakidis with Francesco Florindi, discuss predictive genomics and ask if it can help make our healthcare systems more sustainable.
racial medical guidelines, healthcare

Racial medical guidelines to be removed from US healthcare

A paediatricians’ group in the US have made moves to abandon racial medical guidelines, which create disparities in healthcare.
european health data space, healthcare in the EU

European Health Data Space could change EU health dynamics

The European Health Data Space (EHDS) proposes infrastructural change in how data is used across healthcare in the EU.
hybrid working in healthcare, medical-grade VDI

5 ways to boost ROI from hybrid working in healthcare

Keith Ali, MD at Creative ITC, explains how healthcare organisations can unlock the full benefits of remote and hybrid working in healthcare.

Finworks – Data management and workflow solutions

Finworks build software ‘with people, for people’ using their low-code data management and workflow platforms to achieve efficiencies and repeatability.
COVID levels in healthcare workers, SIREN study

UK stops tracking COVID levels in healthcare workers

The UK will no longer run the REACT study, an 150,000 person analysis of real-time infection, or fund the SIREN study - which monitors COVID levels in healthcare workers.
improve healthcare, collective intelligence

The potential of collective intelligence to improve healthcare

Kathy Peach, Director at Nesta’s Centre for Collective Intelligence Design, discusses the potential to improve healthcare.

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