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healthcare wages, covid-19

Healthcare wages and employment during the height of COVID-19

The average wages for healthcare workers rose less than wages in other industries during 2020 and the first six months of 2021 across the US – despite the pandemic causing healthcare burnout.
data uk eu, data flow

2 million terabytes of data will flow from UK to EU, by 2030

The European Data Flow Visualisation Tool says that 2,291,077 terabytes of non-personal data will flow to cloud facilities in Europe by 2030.
personalised healthcare, clinical trial

Real-world evidence set to turbo boost personalised healthcare

Richard Armstrong, head of registries at NEC Software Solutions UK, puts real-world evidence under the microscope and examines how, as our population ages it has the power to speed up medical interventions at scale.
AI cancer

AI & cancer: Big data, big gains for medicine

Orlando Agrippa, CEO and Founder of RwHealth, turns the spotlight on AI and cancer, where big data brings big gains for medicine
The roadmap towards protecting high value student data

The roadmap towards protecting high value student data

Here, the Expede Group look at one of the pressing issues of contemporary education - protecting high value student data in an increasingly digital world.
healthcare worker vaccine, covid-19 vaccination

90% of healthcare workers changed their minds on COVID vaccines

Despite healthcare workers experiencing the negative effects of the COVID-19 virus, many did not intend on being vaccinated – new research highlights that their outlooks have changed.
NHS patient care, digital transformation nhs

The power of data management for better NHS patient care

Barry Cashman at Veritas Technologies, looks at how digital transformation can shape better patient care in the NHS.
NHSE sanctions, mermaids

NHSE sanctions limit basic healthcare for young trans people

Lui Asquith, Director of Legal and Policy at Mermaids, dissects new NHSE sanctions placed on young trans people looking for basic healthcare.
cognitive disorders, digital transformation

Driving digital transformation across the UK healthcare sector

Brian Murphy, CSO of UK digital health firm Cumulus Neuroscience, explores how AI tools could transform drug development in the difficult area of cognitive disorders.
Data recovery

Ransomware in 2022: Capabilities for rapid and reliable data recovery

Jeremy Wyatt, Operations Director, FCS, discloses the seven capabilities that organisations need for rapid and reliable data recovery against ransomware
Tiyga Health

TIYGA™ Health’s smart patient diary hands patients the power of “little data”

TIYGA™ Health’s smart patient diary hands patients the power of “little data” - pioneering greater engagement between healthcare providers and patients.
access to justice

Data-driven solutions to reverse decline in justice access

Lauren Kitz, Director of Engagement at the World Justice Project, argues that data-driven solutions are needed to reverse the pandemic-era decline in access to justice.

Artificial Intelligence solutions for healthcare delivery

Chaith Kondragunta, CEO at AIRA Matrix Private Limited, details Artificial Intelligence-based solutions that can positively impact prostate cancer outcomes.
PinPoint Data Science Ltd. - Homegrown innovation streamlining cancer diagnostics in the NHS

PinPoint Data Science – Streamlining Cancer Diagnostics in the NHS

Homegrown innovation in AI cancer diagnostics
preventative care

Embracing women’s health data to re-shape preventative care

Dr Nighat Arif, a GP and Specialist in Women’s Health, argues that embracing women’s health data will re-shape preventative care
HIV healthcare

Planning HIV healthcare in sub-Saharan Africa with maps

A new study focuses on HIV data in sub-Saharan Africa, analysing the number of people living with HIV in 47 countries, the population distribution, and the locations of healthcare facilities.
healthcare artificial intelligence

How do you scale Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Healthcare?

Sunny Dosanjh, Director lead for Deloitte’s Healthcare AI and Data team, explores the three key aspects in scaling AI in healthcare.
Inequalities in healthcare

Inequalities in healthcare caused by bias in medical devices

An independent review is being launched to analyse the potential bias in medical devices affecting ethnic groups and gender disparities in healthcare.

30% of healthcare personnel in US are unvaccinated against COVID-19

An analysis conducted by US researchers shows 30% of healthcare personnel in more than 2,000 U.S hospitals remain unvaccinated against COVID-19.
cyber security issues, NHS digital

How healthcare stayed cyber-healthy in a pandemic

Toby Griffiths, Head of Innovation and Delivery for NHS Digital’s Data Security Centre, discusses how NHS Digital tackled cyber security issues

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