Providing mental health services in the Palatinate

Pfalzklinikum shares its work as a mental health services provider and explains why wellbeing is vital for everyone, including a firm’s own staff

Pfalzklinikum is one of the biggest service providers for mental health in the Palatinate. It is a public-law institution with Bezirksverband Pfalz – a higher local government association – as its guarantor. More than 2,000 employees take care of numerous therapeutic, caring and day-structuring services with which Pfalzklinikum responds to the need of clients and their relatives. At present, Pfalzklinikum has more than 1,000 places and beds.

Our services comprise clinics tailored to the requirements of children and adolescents, adults and the elderly, clinics for forensic psychiatry and neurology, as well as community psychiatry. Several day clinics and day centers, a medical health center and various residential and nursing concepts complete our product range. Pfalzklinikum ensures, thus, a closely coordinated provision of inpatient and outpatient services.

At 14 locations in the Southern and North-Western Palatinate, Pfalzklinikum offers services for mental health. In this way we can look after our clients individually and near their home. In the Southern Palatinate, Pfalzklinikum is located in Klingenmünster, Annweiler, Bad Bergzabern, Bellheim, Dahn, Landau, Maikammer, Pirmasens, Rodalben, Speyer and Wörth. Rockenhausen, Kaiserslautern and Kusel are part of the offer in the North Western Palatinate.

We treat and support people suffering from disorders, crises and impairments, as well as their relatives. This is done individually face to face and in a suitable therapeutic environment. During the treatment we use the abilities and resources of the persons cared for; we promote and strengthen their healthy parts. The work of Pfalzklinikum is characterised by the approach of trialogue: Get well and stay healthy is not solely a topic for experts and clients. For recovery, it is also important to include the patients’ relatives and their social environment.

In this ebook, Pfalzklinikum also highlights the importance of looking after its own staff. Corporate wellbeing remains a vital part of its company strategy. Health is not only the absence of disease but the state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing. For this reason, the aim of the Pfalzklinikum corporate health management is to plan work processes and work conditions in such a way that the employees’ health is promoted in the long run.


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