Power On: Electricity connections your way

Connecting homes and businesses to the electricity grid is a great responsibility. Most of us take for granted the supply of electricity we use to power our TVs, kitchen appliances and computers. In order to ensure businesses and our homes run efficiently and effectively, as consumers we are looking for value for money.

Distribution network operators are located all across the UK. They own and operate the distribution network of towers and cables that bring electricity from the national transmission network into our homes. Split into regions, DNOs consist of: Electricity North West; Northern Powergrid; Scottish and Southern Energy Power Distribution; SP Energy Networks; UK Power Networks; and Western Power Distribution.

In order to ensure that consumers get great value for money, regulator Ofgem monitors competition in the electricity markets. Competition is vital within these markets and Ofgem has done a lot of work recently to ensure it is more efficient and costs are low to get the best out of the service provider. Ofgem believes that DNOs have an obligation to offer terms for a connection and is working to speed up processes and make connections more efficient and innovative.

As well as the DNOs, within those regions there are Independent Connections Providers (ICO), who provide electricity connections within the DNO regions. One of those ICOs is Power On Connections. Power On aim to offer innovative, efficient and competitive electricity connections for even the most complex projects. Power On Connections will provide a tailored service from inception through to final adoption, through the group’s regulated Independent Distribution Network Operator (IDNO) licence. This ebook highlights the work of Power On Connections and how their knowledge and experience offers the best package for consumers and businesses looking for connections to the electricity grid.

Their national delivery profile means that they are fully accredited to work within each DNO region and serve over 1 million homes nationwide.


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