Professor Shamala Devi Sekaran, Faculty of Medicine

Dengue, in recent decades has become one of the most uncontrolled neglected infectious diseases especially in the tropical and sub-tropical regions of the world. Dengue diagnosis is not only important for clinical management of patients, but also for epidemiological surveillance, outbreak intervention and vaccine development and monitoring. Due to the absence of pathognomonic clinical features that can distinguish dengue from other febrile illnesses, laboratory confirmation is an essential part of diagnosing dengue. Ideally, a dengue diagnostic test should be rapid, simple, with high sensitivity and specificity, able to serotype and differentiate primary and secondary infections. Despite the many efforts to create a single assay that could confirm dengue, that goal has not been reached. Nevertheless, dengue diagnostics have come a long way, with many researchers around the world attempting for a more efficient and reliable diagnostic method.

The University of Malaya has been actively involved in the development of diagnostic kits for dengue fever. Here is there story…


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