SACIDS: One Health analysis

The SACIDS analysis reveals how SACIDS One Health partnership is addressing urgent problems of infectious disease in Southern Africa, using science and technology

Here, we learn about the SACIDS programme in Tanzania and Zambia. These were designated as African Centres of Excellent for Infectious Diseases of Humans and Animals. We are given insight into how they contribute to Africa’s capacity to fight infectious diseases for both humans and animals, into how this connects to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and the healthcare needs of ordinary individuals.

In an eye-opening interview, public health specialist Dr. Wilfred Alexander Chalamira Nkhoma, from the World Health Organization (WHO) Office for the Africa Region discusses his expert opinion on what the priorities are when it comes to tackling infectious diseases in Africa.

Did you know that only 26% of what Southern African scientists need to fight Tuberculosis (TB) is being funded by the government?

Or that people who use tobacco are far more susceptible to falling ill with Tuberculosis?

Dr. Wilfred comments on malaria, one of the most infamous communicable diseases, telling us how malaria-related deaths lessened from 800,000 to 500,000.

You can read about the truth of communicable disease in Africa, what the One Health partnership is doing to address it, and understand the perspectives of experts on the ground.


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