Global leadership in supporting and enabling business agility

Agile Business Consortium highlights the importance of business agility in ensuring value for money and greater efficiency

Agile Business Consortium aims to provide global leadership in promoting, supporting and enabling business agility. They aim to achieve their mission through offering advice, guidance and accredited products and services to organisations through an international network of partners.

Agile is built on simple principles which were radical when they first emerged 20 years ago and still remain relevant today. Yet they are challenging to put into practice in large, complex and hierarchical organisations like government departments.

The Agile Business Consortium is a global leader in promoting business agility, which has shown to work faster, better and delivers greater value for money. This ensures that customers are happy and staff are motivated as well as driving profits. In order to better equip organisations and government departments ready for a digital transition, Agile Business Consortium is offering a new course that helps to develop a consistent Agile approach.

The new course will help organisations to deliver a consistent Agile approach, a common language and skilled workforce (with appropriate accreditation opportunities) for the successful design and delivery of digital services, whether through evolving improvements or step-change transformation. From their research, it is clear that government is struggling to adapt the way it leads and manages change to get the most out of the speed and flexibility that Agile promises.

The course is aimed at all those involved in the delivery of digital services to the public, including central government, local government, the NHS, and the private sector organisations who support them with training and consultancy services.

The course aims to be useful to both delivery teams and civil servants who support them as change managers, service managers and product owners. This ebook highlights the work of the Agile Business Consortium and how through their courses they can help to steer government departments through the successful delivery of digital services.


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