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Improve your bone health naturally

Improve your bone health naturally

MyBones explores the potential Low-intensity Vibration therapy has as a natural alternative to prevent and combat osteoporosis.

Unlocking life-changing dementia treatments

Is better diagnosis the key to unlocking life-changing dementia treatments? Dr Susan Mitchell, Head of Policy at Alzheimer’s Research UK provides the answer.
latinx with dementia

Latinx with dementia: Getting the help you need

The Tension Between Cultural Values and Getting the Help You Need.

A Bluetooth tracking device to aid the search for older people with dementia who...

Getting lost can affect caregivers and families of older people with dementia – now, a Bluetooth tracking device can assist the search for their loved ones.

Accelerating design & manufacture in the eye care sector

Nick Walsh, updates us on the fast-moving developments in the eye care sector, specifically on the design & manufacture of frames for glasses.
Parkinson’s watch

NHS Parkinson’s watch to help manage care at home

A Parkinson's watch is being given to patients with the condition, in an effort to improve NHS remote monitoring.

Latinx & dementia: The challenge of behavioural symptoms

Dr Lynn Woods, Professor in the Department of Doctoral Programs, School of Nursing, Azusa Pacific University, provides further analysis of Latinx developing dementia, including systems of healing & the challenge of behavioural symptoms.
indigenous communities dementia, Tsimane and moseten

Lowest global rates of dementia in Indigenous communities

The healthier pre-industrial lifestyles which Indigenous communities live by present solutions in preventing Alzheimer’s and dementia ­– as seen in their lower rates of the disease.
eye health research, eye treatment

The time is right to prioritise eye health research

Keith Valentine, Chief Executive of Fight for Sight, explains why eye health research needs to be on the political agenda.
dehydration in the elderly

Eradicating dehydration in the elderly with Aquarate

Aquarate’s revolutionary fluid intake monitoring technology is helping to eradicate the problem of dehydration in the elderly community
personalised healthcare, clinical trial

Real-world evidence set to turbo boost personalised healthcare

Richard Armstrong, head of registries at NEC Software Solutions UK, puts real-world evidence under the microscope and examines how, as our population ages it has the power to speed up medical interventions at scale.
dehydration care homes, dehydration research

Dehydration in older adults in care homes

Cecilia Van Cauwenberghe from Frost & Sullivan’s TechCasting Group, provides several perspectives on dehydration in older adults in care homes, starting with a general overview.
prevent chronic diseases

Physical activity to prevent chronic diseases

Dr Deborah Lee from Dr Fox Online Pharmacy, considers the role of physical activity to prevent chronic diseases
middle age exercise, physical activity

Physical activity improves cognitive function for middle-aged adults

Middle to older aged adults can improve their brain function with daily physical activity, with researchers finding a direct correlation between these variables.

Reducing malnutrition in care homes using AI

Possible new tech could help reduce malnutrition, improving overall health in long-term care homes using Artificial Intelligence
healthy cognition

Protecting ageing synapses through exercise

Keeping the ageing population as active as possible, enhances the connections between neurons to maintain healthy cognition.
ophthalmic conditions

Academic and translational research for ophthalmic conditions

Professor Sheardown shows C20/20 Innovation Hub at McMaster University leading the way for ophthalmic academic and translational research
risk of dehydration

Hydration: An essential part of healthy ageing

Senior Director of the Center for Healthy Aging, at the National Council on Aging, illustrates the ways that hydration is key to staying healthy as we age

Innovative smart hydracup to revolutionise hydration within care

Gail Howard, Care Home Manager of Lakeside Nursing and Residential Home, discusses her view on the management of dehydration in care homes.
non-invasive brain surgery

FDA approves new non-invasive brain surgery for Parkinson’s symptoms

Research shows that a new form of non-invasive brain surgery using a focused form of ultrasound will prove invaluable for with Parkinson’s symptoms.

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