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building integrated photovoltaics

Building Integrated Photovoltaics technologies in Denmark

Peder Vejsig Pedersen from European Green Cities focuses on Building Integrated Photovoltaics technologies in Denmark.
importance of earthquake preparedness

The importance of earthquake preparedness, mitigation and resiliency

Several experts from the Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan share their views here on the importance of earthquake preparedness, mitigation and resiliency.
Grenfell Phase One, no evacuation plan

Grenfell Phase One: No evacuation plan existed

Here, we discuss the Grenfell Phase One report published today (30 October), which found that there was no evacuation plan for the high-rise.
Development sites

Development sites and why you should pay them a proper visit

Anthony van Hoffen, Real Estate Partner at Lewis Silkin LLP, provides us with a guide discussing what you need to check when making development site visits.
help commercial buildings

The advantages of using smart technologies to help commercial buildings

Frankie Bryon, Sustainability Surveyor at LSH discusses why smart technologies can help commercial buildings improve on sustainability as well introduce other benefits that include promoting health and wellbeing and enable agile working.
solve the housing crisis

How can we help solve the housing crisis?

Here, Cleveland Containers discuss four ways in which we can help solve the housing crisis in the UK.
cladding replacement, grenfell tragedy

Government will speed up high-rise cladding replacement

Around £200 million will be made available to remove and replace unsafe cladding from around 170 privately owned high-rise buildings, to prevent situations like the Grenfell tragedy.
net zero carbon buildings

UK Green Building Council announces framework for net zero carbon buildings

The UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) has unveiled a framework for the UK construction and property industry to transition new and existing buildings to become net zero carbon by 2050.
areas for energy efficiency

Revealed: The best and worst areas for energy efficiency

Everest study analyses 15,623,536 home Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) across the country to reveal the best and worst rated areas for energy efficiency.
the green transition

Supporting the green transition: A unique building project in Denmark

Peder Vejsig Pedersen, Senior Advisor at European Green Cities outlines a unique building project, Copenhagen International School (CIS) as an example of supporting the green transition.
how often do brits move, house moving

How often do Brits move in their lifetime?

In this article, we examine the art of house moving in the UK and discuss how often the average person in Britain will move in their lifetime.

On the way to more sustainable concrete structures

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Elsener, Head Durability Research Group at The Institute for Building Materials ETH Zurich outlines the durability screening of new blended cements... Portland cement has for decades been the most used type of cement to build reinforced concrete infrastructure. Experience and research on the corrosion of reinforcement...
building renovations

Building renovations – The Nordic way

The Nordic Built “Active Roofs and Facades” project has received support from Nordic Innovation, EUDP(DK), Energimyndigheten( SE) and Rannis(IS) allowing strong development of leading Nordic competences in the area of building renovation. This is achieved by creating transnational Public Private Partnership models to support the development of nearly zero energy...
Kendal affordable homes project nears completion

Kendal affordable homes project nears completion

A multi-million-pound project to deliver 27 new affordable homes in Kendal is nearing completion The lack of affordable homes is a growing issue. With many young people giving up on property ownership altogether the pressure is on the rental market to deliver quality homes for affordable prices. In areas that are...
House prices expected to increase nationwide

House prices expected to increase nationwide

House prices are expected to increase by 1.5 per cent nationwide, but London will see a 3.6 per cent dip For the first time in six years, house prices across the UK are expected to outperform those in London during 2015. Analysts have predicted that house prices will increase by 1.5...
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The Disintegration of the Housing Debate

In addressing the urgent need for more housing, Professor of Environment and Spatial Planning, Alister Scott believes that key participants in the housing question need to embrace the economic, social and environmental drivers of development in a more joined-up discussion As we move inexorably towards the general election in 2015,...

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