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Long-term effects of vaping on the cardiovascular system

As vaping becomes increasingly popular, with 3.6 million users in the UK alone, you may be wondering what the long-term effects of vaping on cardiovascular system are.
A senior Canadian man with prostate cancer opens a blister pack to release a dose of nonsteroidal antiandrogen. Bicalutamide. Ambient light inside a dining room in a British Columbia home.

What are the cardiovascular risks of hormone therapy?

Individuals suffering from gender dysphoria may decide to take hormone therapy, but a new study says that this treatment can increase the risk of serious cardiac events.

RapidAI – Improving neurovascular and vascular care

RapidAI enables neurovascular and vascular clinical teams to push the boundaries of care, reducing treatment time and improving outcomes.
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Reducing the burden of cardiovascular diseases in Africa

Dr Prebo Barango and Prof Jean-Marie Dangou from the WHO Regional Office for Africa argue that reducing the burden of cardiovascular diseases in Africa is imperative.
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Unusual signs and symptoms of raised cholesterol

Many people only become aware for the first time that they have a high cholesterol level, only when they are admitted to hospital with a heart attack.
breastfeed heart disease,

Women who breastfeed face lower risk of heart disease or stroke

A meta-analysis finds that women who breastfeed are less likely to develop heart conditions or diseases, or die from cardiovascular disease than women who do not breastfeed.
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Potassium rich diets to lower blood pressure

Women with high salt intake should eat a potassium rich diet to lower blood pressure and protect against cardiovascular events, according to study.
poor diets, exercise

High levels of physical activity do not counteract poor diets

Demonstrating that you cannot "outrun” poor diets, researchers found that exercise only benefits health when complemented with healthy eating.
Preeclampsia testing

Preeclampsia testing: tackling pregnancy dangers

Affecting 10 million pregnancies worldwide, this piece explores the ways preeclampsia testing is utilised to save lives, the hidden dangers of the condition and the demographics that are at most risk.
student loan repayment, mental health

Does student loan repayment have negative health consequences?

Student loan repayment can heighten cardiovascular illness risk for middle-aged adults in the US, as mental health worsens with greater debt.
sex-specific research, cardiovascular disease

Health information lacks sex-specific research about women

Current health guidelines are based on studies in men - lacking sex-specific research for issues like obesity, hypertension, and diabetes in women.
lower salt intake, heart failure

Lower salt intake can reduce symptoms of heart failure

Reducing sodium intake can help patients with heart failure, where having a lower salt intake will not prevent death, but can improve symptoms and quality of life.
female childhood trauma, exercise training programmes

Exercise can alleviate health burdens of female childhood trauma

Exercise has been found to lessen cardiovascular and psychological effects of adverse childhood experiences, especially in reducing female childhood trauma.
preventing cardiovascular disease, SPICES project

Preventing cardiovascular disease through implementation and participatory research

Hilde Bastiaens, Principal Investigator and Project Coordinator, and Geofrey Musinguzi, Project Manager of Horizon 2020 funded SPICES reveal why engaging with communities is important in preventing cardiovascular disease.
cardiovascular clinical trials, female-led trials

Cardiovascular clinical trials lack female leadership and participants

Cardiovascular clinical trials have been shown to lack female leadership – yet female-led trials have an increase in female participants, making the trials yield more meaningful results.
heart disease, cardiac diagnostic imaging

The future of cardiac diagnostic imaging

The future of cardiac diagnostic imaging – Danish company MedTrace is leading the way.
sexual violence

Experiences of sexual violence linked with high blood pressure

According to a longitudinal study of US women, women who have experienced sexual violence are more likely to develop high blood pressure.
improve future health, good relationships

Mutually supportive relationships improve future health

Good, social relationships mean an individual receives but also gives significant support - now, scientists suggest that the giving part may improve future health.
poor sleep heart, sleep health

Poor sleep can increase risk of heart disease by up to 141%

A bad night’s sleep has been found to have poor effects on your physical health, increasing the risk of heart disease.
socioeconomic heart surgery, mitral valve disease

Socioeconomic status linked to post-heart surgery risks

Data reveals that patients with heart disease who come from disadvantaged communities experience more complications after their surgery – including a higher risk of death.

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