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father and toddler son reading book together

Education responsive to children’s brain development can improve mental health

Is an education that responds to children’s ongoing brain development, supporting social and emotional development, the key to addressing the youth mental health crisis?
person online in bed, online safety bill

UK Online Safety Bill returns to Parliament: Who is most at risk?

This month the UK’s Online Safety Bill will return to Parliament and the news can’t come soon enough for children and young people at risk from online harm and abuse.
Psychologist making notes during therapy session

Childhood trauma increases risk of mental disorders by three times

Suffering childhood trauma, either psychologically or physically, can increase the risk of mental disorder development in adulthood by as much as three times.

Why are UK police legitimacy and community relations so low?

Police legitimacy is at an all time low in England and Wales following a plethora of scandals from murder, misogyny, violence against women, racism and profiling which have come more and more to the fore over the past few years.
Silhouette of young girl with ponytail searching on the web

Online Safety Bill delay should not halt safeguarding

Why the delay to the Online Safety Bill should not halt organisations efforts in safeguarding minors on the web.
dark web

Exposing the criminal underground of the dark web

Open Access Governments speaks with Gareth Owenson, one of the founders of Searchlight, to uncover the murky underbelly of the world wide web.
children in custodial settings

The impact and recovery from COVID-19 for children in custodial settings

Dr Charlotte Lennox from the University of Manchester illustrates the health challenges for children in custodial settings and highlights a research project designed to develop health improvements and policy recommendations for future major incidents/pandemics.
firearms, cause of death

Firearms are the main cause of death for children in the US

Firearms are now the leading cause of death for children and adolescents, predominantly from homicide – surpassing motor vehicle death rates.
unregistered children, education

There will be 100 million unregistered children worldwide, by 2030

Obstacles to registering births across Africa has led to millions of unregistered children – potentially preventing people from attaining essential human rights later in life.
literacy skills

Study: Boosting childhood literacy skills through Naptime

According to new research, early literacy skills in children aged between four and five can be boosted by daytime naps
child marriage rape, statutory rape

Child marriage: The legal loophole which violates statutory rape laws

Child marriages devise loopholes for sexual abuse against children – with a study showing that child marriages violate statutory rape laws in 14 states.
children's services uk, children's social care

What does the future hold for children’s services?

Kirtpal Kaur Aujla, Partner at Bevan Brittan considers what the future holds for children’s services in the UK.
ethnic minority children, youth justice involvement

How is the care system unfair for ethnic minority children?

Ethnic minority children experience disadvantages with youth justice involvement – especially when it comes to Black children.
foster care breakdown

Children placed in foster care due to care breakdown

Kayoko Ito, Osaka Prefecture University, charts the verification of the ‘journey’ of placement for children placed in foster care due to care breakdown
technology foster care

Technology platforms empowering safe foster care

Cecilia Van Cauwenberghe from Frost & Sullivan’s TechCasting Group, explains how technology platforms empower safe foster care
food allergies

Food allergies: An epidemic in the making?

Aarthi JanakiRaman, Research Director, Chemicals and Advanced Materials at TechVision, sheds light on food allergies and considers if this is an epidemic
images of self-harm

Social media is being used by teens to share images of self-harm

The University of Georgia shows the dark and dangerous way in which many young people are using social media platforms to share images of self-harm.
co2 monitors

Enhancing safety and learning in schools through smart CO2 monitors

Hassan Sherbaz, Solutions Architect at Connexin, explains how smart monitoring solutions can help schools make informed decisions about ventilation across their buildings to protect students.
Children’s Code

Online safety – the ICO’s Children’s Code

Julian Hayes, Partner at BCL Solicitors LLP, examines the new Children's Code in relation to online harms which came into force on September 2nd.
social work for foster families

Research on Social Work for foster families

Here, Professor Kayoko Ito tells us about her ongoing research into foster care in the UK, using the results to assess the best way to increase fostering in Japan.

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